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French food and beverages in the spotlight: wines and spirits, the terroirs, industry and different French regions. A wealth of French regions of great diversity, providing a range of food and drinks reflecting both tradition and modernity, the result of unparalleled quality and savoir-faire. Meet the chefs and personalities responsible for this rich tapestry of gastronomy, offering a wealth of iconic, French dishes. Discover French recipes, from croque monsieur to tarte tatin, macarons and beef bourguignon… Finally, learn more about French traditions and heritage, for the sheer pleasure of sharing our values beyond French borders. Stay connected with French Foods and Beverages for a daily serving of French flair.

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86 Champs: when taste and beauty collide

86 Champs : when taste and beauty collide


FranceAgroalimentaire had the chance to attend the inauguration of the new 86 Champs concept store located on the big and famous Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. 

This restaurant, tea room, boutique is the result of the association between the great pastry chef Pierre Hermé with the group of cosmetics with southern accents, L'Occitane en Provence.

It is possible to taste viennoiseries, desserts and pastries such as macaroons, kougloff, etc. and a sweet and savoury menu while shopping the beauty brand L'Occitane en Provence.

86 Champs l'Occitane en Provence

Open all week from 7:30AM to 11:30PM.

On Sunday, we meet up with family or friends around a brunch, 86 Avenue des Champs-Elysees, 75008 Paris.

Rendez-vous au 86 Champs !

Made in France shopping : taking a small slice of France back home

Shopping : taking a small slice of France back home


Today, Franceagroalimentaire.com takes you to two specialized shops for a Made In France shopping rendez-vous.

The first one, Bring France Home offers a wide range of products from food to clothing, dishes, stationery and small souvenirs. The second one, the Federation Francaise de l’Aperitif will share a traditional practice: the aperitif. You will find everything you need to make a 100% French aperitif: wines, beers, charcuterie, cheese, etc.

The thing these two shops have in common is that everything is 100% French in order to offer visitors a Made in France shopping experience.

On your next trip to Paris, do not miss the opportunity to stop by!

Salon du Chocolat : the cream of French know-how

Salon du Chocolat 2017 : the cream of French know-how


With 130,000 anticipated visitors, it goes without saying that the Salon du Chocolat has a firm following!

Now in its 23rd year, it is attracting the crème de la crème of the world of chocolate. And a whole wave of new visitors too.

Franceagroalimentaire.com introduce you to some of them.

Marie Etchepare, has founded Le petit Carré de Chocolat with her master chocolatier father.

Le Chocolat des Français, represented by Matthieu Escande and his 2 partners, which is becoming increasingly popular abroad through the website and Instagram.

And then, Jean-Pierre Rodrigues and Choco², a chocolate in the shape of a cube that Japanese love.

With 500 visitors from 60 countries, including 200 leading lights of gastronomy, the salon attracts some serious food lovers and is certainly an amazing environment to showcase chocolate savoir-faire and to develop exports.

Rendez-vous gourmand - French food experience at Disneyland Paris

Rendez-vous gourmand: French food experience to spoil Disneyland Paris visitors

Disneyland Paris showcases French regional products - A rendez-vous gourmand much appreciated !

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Mickey Mouse is treating visitors to the finest of French foods. From September 8 to 24, 2017, 6 chalets were set up rue de Paris, near Ratatouille Square where Rémy, the rat from the famous and eponymous film dreamed of becoming a chef.

An event that highlights the specialties and wines of French regions, not to be missed for gourmands as for lovers of French gastronomy ! Charcuterie from Corsica, wines from the Bordeaux region and Bourgogne, foie gras, choucroute from Alsace. There’s something for everyone, from aperitif to dessert.

In order to encourage the tasting and the discovery of flavors, the portions served were small. The visitors also had the possibility to leave with specialties to take away. Ideal to have fun or to offer !

For this year, the event is over but Rendez-Vous Gourmand will return to the park soon.


Bon Appétit !

French dairy products, a showcase for French gastronomy

The French dairy sector comprises a unique range of products that is the world’s largest of its kind.

Milk-based products have seen real success in international markets, not only on account of more than 1,200 French cheese varieties, but also due to a range of other, quite specific dairy products that enrich the French dairy landscape. Butter is an obvious export, with three examples in particular standing out for their quality and much-coveted AOC status, and which can be found gracing the finest dining tables: Beurre d’Isigny, Beurre de Bresse and Beurre de Charente. Cream too has a starring role at the heart of gastronomic fare, notably in the patisserie segment. France is also champion of powdered milk manufacturing and milk-based desserts, where unsurprisingly the biggest yoghurt brands all happen to be French.  Milk can be consumed au naturel, or once processed constitutes a never-ending source of delicious end-products, for every occasion and every use. Having seamlessly adapted to modern existence without losing their uniqueness, French dairy products have retained their individual character associated as much with the terroir as the animal feed and methods used during production. At the International Agricultural Fair in Paris, we interviewed Christopher Spotti, who represents international communications at the CNIEL (French National Dairy Council), who provided an insight into the different export markets and their expectations when it comes to French dairy products. This was also a great opportunity to look back at how these products have successfully embraced international markets.

The French meat, a quality that exports The industry is booming
On the occasion of the 2017 edition of le Salon International de l’agriculture, the French farming exhibition, we have met with an expert of the French meat exportation and have summed up the main informations and statistics to know about its worldwide consumption.
  • Marc Feunteun is the President of French Meat Export. He presents the countries fond of french meat and what are their favourite breeds. An achievement for the industry most likely due to its taste and up-market quality, but this success also stems from a meat that above all is healthy and ethical, in response for the current consumer’s concerns.
These are the same reasons why french people meat consumption is up to 75 % from France. France is also the first beef meat Producer in Europe (2013, statistics from franceagrimer.fr)

French fruit and vegetable prove a success

As France recommand eating 5 fruit and vegetables a day you may also want them to be tasty. The french fruit and vegetables are recognised for their quality and the french productions are becoming a brand that inspires confidence. Lucky you are many worldwide markets have decided to import our crop.

  • Daniel Soares, the International Marketing Manager of INTERFEL, introduces us briefly the french fruit and vegetables offer around the world and the key to the success of our products.

DOM-TOM…the flavours of French Overseas Territories Winning over new markets worldwide

The richness of French gastronomy goes far beyond the mainland. On the occasion of the Sirha 2017 in Lyon, the catering and food service trade fair, we have met 3 overseas territories brands's representatives who talked about their innovative products and their worldwide exportations.

  • Project Manager of La Cuisine de Lucette, René Gustave presents their specialities : fish steaks and fish balls.
  • Yorrick Saint-Louis is the founding CEA of La Maison des Antilles, he displayed some of his original and top of the range goods from his online retail website.
  • Danièle Le Normand, President of Isautier, a company specialized in Rum and Punch, gives a commentary on the multiple markets on which the products from Réunion have expand.


Frozen food: premiumisation trend at Sirha
Discover some frozen innovative french products on the occasion of the 18th edition of Sirha 2017, the major trade event of food industry in France, where 250 of 3,000 exhibitors represented the frozen food sector.
  • Marketing Director of Bridor Pascal Schneider-Maunoury is introducing Bun'n'roll, the local star of the exhibition.
  • Philippe Jame , Product Director of Tipiak Traiteur Pâtissier, is presenting their handy, nutritional miniature products.


SIAL 2016: the innovation and dynamic face of France
Discover through interview realised by frenchfoodandbeverages.com French food startups who attended SIAL 2016 in Paris. - Clément Baradello (Longonya) - Emmanuel Brehier (Ici&Là - Le boucher vert) - Emma de Gélis (Prêt à Pousser) - Thibaud Fert (Jimini's)



Focusing on a single patisserie speciality A French trend seeing success abroad

Discover a single patisserie speciality with  Christophe Adam (Éclair de Génie), Steve Seremes (Mesdemoiselles Madeleines), Popelini and la Maison de la Chantilly.


In France and beyond, Guérande Salt is big on flavour Video

Discover artisanal production of Guérande Salt and its export trends with Christophe Nicol, vice-president of "Les Salines de Guérande"

The olive Harvest Olive farmers in France

To make their products more affordable, olive farmers in France who are positioned in a high-end market are trying to find ways of reducing their production costs.

Gérard Depardieu, winegrower Gérard Depardieu is a “bon vivant”
Gérard Depardieu is a “bon vivant” in real life and on screen; in one of his most recent films, “Grenouille d’hiver”, he plays a wine grower. We discover the vineyard he owns in real life.

French charcuterie Finer and lighter
French charcuterie is having something of a makeover.

The Menton lemon IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication)

The lemon industry in Menton has gradually acquired an internationally-recognised reputation thanks to its lemon festival.

The Menton lemon granted the extremely rare IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication).

Charles Heidsieck champagne house Exports are part of our DNA

Meeting with Cyril Brun, the cellar master of the house Charles Heidsieck:


This is quite possibly a legendary year, the kind we only see every 20 – 30 years and also with Stephen Leroux, champagnes Director CharlesHeidsieck detailing champagnes markets of the House.

Arcachon bay Oysters The inland sea on the Atlantic Coast situated 70 km from Bordeaux

Arcachon bay is France’s leading oyster farming area. Oysters are produced here all year round, but the Christmas period is a particularly busy one.

Pancake day It’s an age-old tradition

February 2nd is Candlemas and in France it’s also Pancake Day. Sweet or savoury, nowadays there are all sorts of recipes and concoctions – something for everyone.

Yellow wine from France's Jura Region The opening of the yellow wine

Yellow wine from France's Jura Region


Opening of the yellow wine ('La percée du vin jaune') is one of France’s most important wine festivals and is held every year during the first weekend of February. Newcomers and amateurs of this legendary and unique golden wine from France’s Jura region gather to celebrate and taste the new vintage.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

The Corsica clementine In early 2012, the producers are going to apply for a “Label Rouge” certification.

The island of Corsica is the only area of France where clementines are grown, and growers are keen on stressing the product’s uniqueness.

In 2007, the Corsica clementine was given the Protected Geographical Indication or PGI status, and in early 2012, the producers are going to apply for a “Label Rouge” certification

Digital farming change the outlook of french agriculture How will Digital Farming change the outlook of French agriculture?

For the first time at the Paris International Agricultural Show in 2016,The Digital Farm” presented on its educational and interactive booth, the various digital innovations for agriculture.


Cooking with flowers

Cooking with french butter Fench butter

The salt marsh lamb of Normandy Salt marsh lamb

The salt meadow lambs of the Somme grazing areas regularly covered by the sea, so vegetationloaded in salt, on the coast of the English Channel, which gives the meat a special taste.

The first french apricots

France boasts some thirty different types of apricot.

Depending on the variety, they are harvested between the end of May and mid-August. Each region produces a different variety, particular to the climate, from the Rhônes-Alpes to the Pyrénnées Orientales and the Languedoc Roussillon region.

Potato of Noirmoutier’ island

Potato Noirmoutier is the most classic and best known of the group’s productions Noirmoutrins farmers.

Its very fine and skin peeler, its freshness and sweetness are that it is picked before maturity, 90 days after planting.

A new wave of coffee culture in France

Sustainable trout farming in France

With over 35 000 tons of trout farmed every year; France is Europe’s third largest trout producer.

55 kilometers outside of Paris in Yvelines, this former biological engineer with a specialty in water treatment, farms what have come to be known as the “queen of the river”.

French watercress The Essone department is France’s largest watercress producer.

French watercress made in Méréville, Essonne

The village of Méréville is located 60 kilometers outside Paris and is known as the watercress capital, it yields 10 % of national production.

Franceagroalimentaire.com met the local producers.


Natural wine Natural wine is as close to the fruit as possible. It is becoming increasingly popular.

Natural wine is as close to the fruit as possible. It is becoming increasingly popular.

The restaurant owner Pierre Jancou is an ardent defender of natural wine.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

Andresy Confitures, a family business that exports successfully Andrésy Confitures is a family business established since 1962.

It supplies made-to-order products to brands, fine grocers, retail chains and acclaimed chefs. Let’s head over to the factory, to the nerve-centre of production for these jams that combine tradition and modernity.

Pierre Hermé – The Haute-Couture of French patisserie The company created in 1997 by Pierre Hermé and Charles Znaty.

A International leading group

The company has been expanding strongly since 2010 on the international scene with several boutiques now located in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The first Pierre Hermé Paris boutique opened in Tokyo in 1998, followed in 2001 by a boutique in Paris, located in the fashion district of Saint-Germain-des- Prés at 72 rue Bonaparte. Success was immediate in Tokyo and Paris alike. Every day, enthusiastic gourmets discovered Pierre Hermé pastries, macarons and chocolates while connoisseurs from around the world flocked to these temples of sweet delights. In late 2004, a second Parisian boutique with its very innovative interior design opened at 185 rue de Vaugirard. In early 2005, Tokyo saw the inauguration of the latest Pierre Hermé Paris concepts: the Luxury Convenience Store and the Chocolate Bar. Both establishments are situated in the Omotesando district, where all of the major imported brands and fashion houses active in Japan are also present. In 2008, Pierre Hermé and Charles Znaty launched the first Macarons & Chocolats Pierre Hermé Paris boutique on rue Cambon in Paris. In 2010, they inaugurated the Maison Pierre Hermé on rue Fortuny in Paris, home to the Atelier de Création.


Exports are the future at Rungis Rungis International Market is the largest market for fresh produce in the world.
Rungis International Market is the largest market for fresh produce in the world. A central player in French and international food industry sectors, it provides real added value at every stage, from producer to consumer.

Made in France, Made with love A new concept for the Pavilions France to serve French products and brands since January 2015.
  madeinlove With the France Pavilion, Sopexa supports each year nearly 2000 companies in 20 000m2 in the world. These pavilions remain a key element of business success internationally. With a new promise that federates and a new architecture of the stands, favorable environment for exports for a favorable export environment is immediately created, ensuring your products and your brand visibility they need to penetrate markets efficiently. Come exhibit your products on the new concept of the Pavilion, the colors of the hexagon, for guaranteed visibility and very high quality to international buyers. You will enjoy very functional and modern spaces, designed to meet your expectations in terms of services and furniture. Did you know that in each room, Sopexa deploys an important communication for exhibitors (press relations and media plan, partnerships, buzz on social networks ..), complete with animations high value held in the Pavilion, to present value your products and bring out the vis-à-vis competitors Pavilion? By exhibiting under the banner "Made in France, Made with love" is all the quality know-how to the French, the passion and commitment that drive you as professionals of the food sector are valued, whether business or inter-regional power. Sopexa and Heidi Win Big at France’s 2015 "Grands Prix Communication & Entreprise": they scoop up an Honorary Prize in Corporate Brand Identity category for “Made in France, Made with Love” campaign. At the 2015 “Grands Prix Communication & Entreprise” ceremony in France, Sopexa, the global agency for food, drink and lifestyle marketing, in partnership with Heidi, was awarded an Honorary Prize in the Corporate Brand Identity for the development of French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry’s campaign “Made in France, Made with Love" last week.
Created to support the export growth of circa 8 000 French companies around the world, the brand embodies the passion and know-how of France’s food and beverage industry professionals. It also highlights the traditions, terroirs and taste for innovation that drive them and make French products unique. The claim “Made in France, Made with Love” conveys a promise rooted in the French food industry‘s values. The visual was designed to be elegant and fit into any type of media harmoniously, while spotlighting the word “LOVE.”
The key visual features a knife, a fork and a bottle of wine that form a pattern evoking the monograms of France’s world-renowned lifestyle, fashion or leather goods brands. The new identity was introduced at international food & wine trade shows , via the French Pavilion. This true flagship brings together nearly 2,000 exhibitors at food and beverage trade shows worldwide and was visited by 755,000 industry professionals in 2015.
  [caption id="attachment_3914" align="aligncenter" width="547"]Made in France, Made with Love Made in France, Made with Love[/caption]

Celebrating French Gastronomy In France mealtimes are sacred.

And since the 16th November 2010, the French mealtime tradition features in the UNESCO world heritage list, in the intangible category.

To celebrate this prestigious recognition, a number of events are currently taking place across France, with the first ever Gastronomy Festival leading the way.

Ethical meat “Ethical meat” is all the rage.

“Ethical meat” is all the rage. Find out why these French farmers and butchers are excited about their response to a wave of recent media coverage of vegetarians.

The Mont Saint-Michel Bay Bouchot mussel This summer the Bouchot mussel was granted protected origin status by the EU

The Bouchot mussel  from Mont Saint Michel Bay

It sets up this legal framework to support producers and protect the reputation of regional foods.


Mushrooms Cuisine Mushroom season is here again and without the watchful eye of a mycologist.

Mushroom season is here again and without the watchful eye of a mycologist, things can get pretty confusing.

Pascal Derouault takes groups of mushroom novices out into the Andaine forest in Normandy, on the hunt for the region’s best specimens.