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Calisson d'aix en provence, une confiserie de france

Calisson d’Aix – Provencal delicacies


The harmonious union between soft and crunchy, the fruity savour and the almond, meet an emblematic provencal delicacie : the Calisson d'Aix.

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Pineau des Charentes, fortified wine styles to suit every palate


A classic among fortified wines, discover the Pineau des Charentes, its history and its tasty grape varieties, an emblematic french product.

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Les asperges de France, légumes et fruits français

Seasonal fruits and vegetables: freshness is honoured in may


Crunchy, sweet, smooth, tangy, spicy, every taste are found in seasonal fruits and vegetables, but they are also the best source of vitamins !

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Bergamote de Nancy, an iconic French delicacy


From the peel of the fruit is extracted the essential oil of bergamot, which is used in the making of iconic french delicacies : Les bergamotes de Nancy.

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L'eau gazeuse française, les boissons de France

A large range of creative, high quality French sparkling waters


Refreshing, tasty and high in mineral content, you will find french sparkling waters both in supermarkets and on starred-restaurants's tables.

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Les pommes de terre française, gastronomie de France

French potatoes : as many qualities as varieties.


With 250 varieties growing on our soils, French potatoes are a reference on the tubercle market.

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La fleur du sel française dans la gastronomie et la cuisine de France

Fleur de Sel – the “flower of salt” adored by top chefs


Produced in various regions across France, its crunchy taste has garnered the attention of the most discerning foodies worldwide.

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La truffe française, représentant la gastronomie française

Truffles – the black diamond of fine dining and for the most prestigious culinary luminaries


Spotlight on the ultimate member of the mushroom family and the near-sacred ingredient of the Michelin-starred chef fraternity.

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safran fleur

French Saffron – the spice earning its rightful place in our foods


Though few French people are aware, for centuries France was a significant saffron producer and expo

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Le filet de St Pierre : les recettes françaises de poisson

Venus clams, herring and John Dory, a few less famous seafood names to discover over for the festive season


Il existe d’autres produits de la mer tout autant savoureux pour les fêtes de fin d'année.

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