Terroirs - Régions

Wines from Provence and the Cotes d’Azur


Both convivial and authentic, let yourself be tempted by the Rosés de Provence and discover their vineyards.

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Coppa corse, charcuterie française régionale

Corsica: food and wine bursting with character


The Isle of Beauty doesn't deserve its name for the landscape only. In Corsica delicatessen, cheese and wine lovers won't be disappointed at all !

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Calisson d'aix en provence, une confiserie de france

Calisson d’Aix – Provencal delicacies


The harmonious union between soft and crunchy, the fruity savour and the almond, meet an emblematic provencal delicacie : the Calisson d'Aix.

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South West wines: effusing harmony and character


From Aveyron to the Basque country are extending the south west vineyards. Between perfect pairings and their international success, discover those vintages.

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Escargot et persillade, Menu bourgogne-franche-comté

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté: delicious food and fine wines


As a newly formed region, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté combine a range of tastes et specificities, reflection of its history and traditions

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Loire Wines strengthen their glowing reputation


A variety of wines as wide as the river they border, Loire wines are trending in France and internationally. Learn more about this large range of vines.

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La gastronomie du grand est français, cuisine de France

The incredible diversity of Grand Est dining


The Grand Est region as made a whole fame on its tasteful products and specificities. Through a menu, let's focus on the gastronomy of this newwly formed region

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Bergamote de Nancy, an iconic French delicacy


From the peel of the fruit is extracted the essential oil of bergamot, which is used in the making of iconic french delicacies : Les bergamotes de Nancy.

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Beaujolais: Beyond the clichés


Beaujolais is known for the famous November wine : Beaujolais Nouveau. But have you try the many more tasty wines from this region ?

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Anis de Flavigny, produits de la gastronomie française

Anis de Flavigny: authentic aniseed sweets from France in a keepsake tin


The “white pearl of Burgundy” as it is fondly known in France has gained popularity worldwide and its owners have ambitious plans for its grow.

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