Bourgogne - Franche-Comté

Bourgogne : un vignoble de prestige


A 250 km de Paris, le vignoble de Bourgogne est l'un des plus prestigieux vignoble au monde avec quelques noms qui ont traversé les océans.

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Escargot et persillade, Menu bourgogne-franche-comté

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté: delicious food and fine wines


As a newly formed region, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté combine a range of tastes et specificities, reflection of its history and traditions

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Beaujolais: Beyond the clichés


Beaujolais is known for the famous November wine : Beaujolais Nouveau. But have you try the many more tasty wines from this region ?

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Vin jura Xavier Servolle, vins français

Jura Wines: the rising star of France’s vineyards


The diversity of Jura wines has found fame not only in France, but also further afield among importers worldwide.

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Anis de Flavigny, produits de la gastronomie française

Anis de Flavigny: authentic aniseed sweets from France in a keepsake tin


The “white pearl of Burgundy” as it is fondly known in France has gained popularity worldwide and its owners have ambitious plans for its grow.

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Dinde de Bresse turkey celebrates 40 years of AOC status


In France, turkey is enjoyed all year round, but traditionally is particularly popular as a festive Christmas dish.

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