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French jam and the art of showcasing fruits of the season


Between the classical flavors and the audacious associations, gourmands from all countries are tempted by the French jams.

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Le burger veggie : le flexitarisme en France

Flexitarianism, a movement starting to take hold in France


The ideal compromise for meat lovers who would like to reduce their consumption, flexitarianism proposes a new way of feeding ourselves

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Le chocolat français, pâtisserie française

Chocolate sculptures: when art and craftsmanship align for Easter


Easter is the perfect occasion to meet two expert chocolate-sculptors who have transformed their passion into an art form.

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La raclette française, les fromages de France dans la gastronomie française

Raclette – France’s winter cheese tradition


French people eagerly wait for the thermometer to drop below zero to savour this traditional mountain dish, which has now secured its place in French cuisine across the country.

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Le Burger “Made in France” an inspirational model for all


French burger chains and restaurants are thriving across the length and breadth of the country and have set their sights further afield to international markets.

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La truffe française, représentant la gastronomie française

Truffles – the black diamond of fine dining and for the most prestigious culinary luminaries


Spotlight on the ultimate member of the mushroom family and the near-sacred ingredient of the Michelin-starred chef fraternity.

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La galette de rois française, gastronomie française

Galette des rois: a popular French tradition


Every year to celebrate Epiphany and the arrival of the three kings in Bethlehem, the French enjoy a traditional dessert known as galette des rois, or “King Cake”.

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Le foie gras français, emblème de la gastronomie française

French Foie Gras: a must for Christmas and New Year celebrations!


In France it is a tradition to kickstart New Year menus

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La buche française : pâtisserie de France et gastronomie française

Traditional yet innovative, the Yule log is a firm festive favourite


The Yule log has stood the test of time and proudly graces French tables up and down the country.

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