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05-08-2016 Le fromage français, représentant de la gastronomie française
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A new foodie destination celebrating French gastronomy has recently launched in New York’s vibrant Nolita district.

French Cheese Board store in Soho, New York

Source: CNIEL

French Cheese Board is a space devoted entirely to cheese and French lifestyle.  With its multi-functional layout, it is both concept store and lab, but also an exciting exhibition space and resource centre.

As well as tantalising their tastebuds, New Yorkers and tourists alike can now improve their knowledge of French cheese culture, notably through an array of visual prompts forming an integral part of the decor, from wall graphics to murals, such as a detailed map of France depicting the different regions where each cheese is produced.

Crédits: CNIEL

Source: CNIEL

Much more than your local cheese shop, this is a veritable destination melding cheese with art, design and culinary innovation. French Cheese Board opened its doors last spring and has already made its mark as a go-to destination for Manhattan’s gastrophiles and discerning culinary aficionados.

Bringing together cheese novices and experts

An important vector of growth and innovation, French cheese remains at the heart of the group experience in store at French Cheese Board. The ultimate aim is to bring together chefs, artists, bloggers and cheese producers and build strong, enduring links between specialists and a discerning public. To this aim, French Cheese board has come up with a rich programme of tasting workshops, cooking courses, pop-ups, cheese conferences and even wine tasting classes to unlock the delights of cheese and wine pairings.  A visit to the website will provide all the latest news and info on upcoming events. The Bleu Blanc Brunch for example is an excellent opportunity to sample a range of French cheeses seamlessly integrated in a typically American brunch.

Themed tastings and events

The French Cheese Board, which is backed by the French National Dairy Council (CNIEL), aims to provide New Yorkers with an authentic foodie experience centred on one of the most recognisable elements of French food culture.  And with discovery in mind, every month the concept store will showcase an impressive selection of new cheeses against a stunning backdrop.  Cheese icons such as Mimolette, Bleu d’Auvergne, Brie, Comte, Maroilles, Pont l’Eveque, Saint-Nectaire and Camembert will share the limelight, transformed into artistic exhibits and each presented in eye-catching black wood and glass cases.  With tastings and top tips from specialists and even an insight into the ritual of cutting each cheese, food lovers and food aficionados will be in seventh heaven and can even purchase artisan honey, jams and chutneys to add a complementary sweet touch to their cheese platter.

When design enhances learning

French partners Ich&Kar came up with the original design for the store, laying emphasis on a stripped back, ultimately welcoming feel. The result accords French Cheese Board a distinctly visual and graphic style, using a mix of slate, pure white and wooden accents.  While French cheese has already achieved unquestionable success in the US, the overall aim is to multiply the number of cheese lovers in New York and major US cities.


Le fromage français, représentant de la gastronomie française
Le fromage français, représentant de la gastronomie française

According to Dairy Council figures, Americans currently consume on average 15kg of cheese per capita, which is relatively low compared to France’s impressive 25kg per capita consumption.  This is the first concept store of its kind to be launched by the CNIEL, though others may soon follow suit, with Asia already in the frame.


French Cheese Board, 41 Spring St, New York, NY 10012, États-Unis.

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