WINE TRADE MONITOR 2018 French wines dominate in international markets

05-10-2018 Dossier sur le vin
Logo France Bon appétit reveals its top-line results of the 2018 WINE TRADE MONITOR, an international study focusing on key trends in the global wine market*.  Communications agency SOPEXA canvassed 781 importers, wholesalers and retailers in 6 major markets: Belgium, Canada, USA, Japan, China and Hong Kong. The results reveal their 2-year predictions on market developments and key trends for each market, and for wines of all origins. So how did French wines perform? How do wine professionals from these countries see their future development?  How do they perform in terms of perceived image and sales?  We shine the spotlight on French wines.


France, no.1 wine listing around the world


The first finding is that France remains the most listed wine country in international markets. Listed by 92% of all respondents, France is the still most popular wine-producing country in portfolios, ahead of Italy (76%) and Spain (71%). The top three are followed by Chile, Australia and the US. With space in portfolios around the world at a premium, French wines remain a must-stock. The popularity of French wines in listings in China is even more impressive given significantly leaner portfolios, featuring on average 4.8 countries of origin, compared to 10.3 in the US. In terms of sales predictions for 2018-2019, France also leads the way according to one in two professionals, notably in the US, Hong Kong and Belgium. But it’s not all about France, and the rise of Italian wines is also worthy of note, with 41% of professionals surveyed predicting they will be among the top performers for future sales, notably in Canada, Belgium and China.

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The first finding is that France remains the most listed wine country in international markets

France, wine country par excellence


Equally good news is that in terms of global image, France still performs well in international markets.  64% of professionals questioned consider France to be the most well perceived country of origin. French wines also perform well as “special occasion wines”, in terms of “Brand communication campaigns / collective or national communication campaigns” and also for “approach to sustainable development by the wine sector” and “ability to adapt to consumer expectations ”.  French wines are able to adapt to the needs of each market, and should continue to do so in order to meet future market evolutions, which leads us nicely to digital packaging and labelling.  Despite the fact that North America and Belgium remain underwhelmed by connected packaging, for professionals in Asia, it is seen as a means of communication with the end-consumer.

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France still performs well in international markets.

French regions lead the way for red wine and rosé


French regions occupy the top spots in terms of growth potential for red and rosé wine. In fact four French regions lead the table in terms of growth potential for red wine, led by Bordeaux, notably in Asia, Languedoc, which takes the lead in Belgium, and also for white and rosé wines, followed by Cotes du Rhone and Bourgogne.  French rosé seems also to have the edge.  63% of professionals surveyed believe Provence-Corsica will be among the top 3 performances for rosé wines, with Languedoc rosé hot on its heels. Finally, for white wine, Loire wines are cutting a blazing trail in the USA where one in three professionals surveyed considers Loire wines to have the most positive outlook in the wine wine category.