Farming in France

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The agrifood sector – France’s second largest trade surplus : Farming in France


France’s agrifood sector in numbers :

  • 127 billion euros: the commercial value of France’s agricultural production in 2013
  • 15% : France’s share of the value of EU agricultural production in 2012
  • 3 billion euros: value of exports in France’s agrifood exchanges in 2013
  • 6 billion euros : the value of France’s agrifood trade surplus (raw and processed agricultural produce) in 2013
  • Exports accounted for 11% of France’s agricultural turnover in 2014
  • France was the world’s 4th largest exporter of agricultural products in 2013


Three sectors drive the performance of French agrifood produce in international markets :

  • Beverages : France’s no.1 export with 30% of turnover outside France
  • Wines and Spirits, with a trade surplus of almost 10 billion euros
  • Processing grain and starch (excl. flour trade): 43.7% of turnover outside France


Farming in France infography


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