Success is sweet for Karamel Mann salted caramel spread

22-12-2015 karamel mann
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Karamel Mann specialises in salted caramel. Its founder, Vincent Bonno, exports to Europe and is making headway in a number of markets.

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He has added a unique interpretation to salted caramel, a product typical of the Brittany region of France. “I want to make a quality gourmet product and to do this I have developed a range of salted caramel products” explains the entrepreneur. And quite rightly he has obtained a patent for his Karamel Amann recipe, a spread made essentially from salted caramel and hazelnuts. “Kouign-amann (in other words “salted-butter cake”) is a well known pastry here in the region. Karamel Amann was named as a nod to the famous pastry, but it’s also a play on words, awarding me the title of “Caramel man”, he smiles. On top of expertise, Vincent Bonno has injected a definite marketing vision to his concept. Indeed, the brand logo is a wrapped caramel wearing a traditional Breton hat, providing a none-too-subtle reminder of the product’s roots.

The Breton company was created two years ago and continues to increase sales in export markets. It all started with just one man, Vincent Bonno, who steers and heads up the company’s development. He raised awareness for the brand and his savoir-faire in local markets in Brittany and recently took part in the Christmas market in Paris. In recent months, online sales have ensured a new revenue stream. Over the next few months, the artisan from Brittany plans to make his mark on French supermarket shelves and “why not become the leading caramel backed by a quality brand”. To raise the profile of the brand, he would like to add a regional or even national quality label to his name.

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17% of production sold in export markets

The artisan caramel-maker, to coin a marketing neologism, has three major lines within the range. Small 200g jars of salted caramel spread are the best-selling line. Its orange-flavoured variant is also very popular at markets, as are Karamel Amann toffee sweets. “They are perfect served with tea or coffee” points out their founder. Demand is showing no signs of wearing thin. “Caramel is used extensively in desserts but my caramel and nut spread also works well for breakfast. My aim is to make my mark in the breakfast segment with this new line. There is a lot of demand” he comments.

The success of the caramel segment is such that not only has it transcended the bounds of Brittany, but France too. “Orders are being fulfilled all over France. I have even been working with a fine grocery store in Paris for a few months now” explains Vincent Bonno. And success hasn’t stopped here as European buyers have set their sights on handcrafted products from this Breton artisan. “When I first started, customers from abroad used to come to see me at the summer markets. Since then, some have become regular customers who come personally to collect their goods.” he smiles, before adding: “in total, I sell 17% of production abroad.” The Germans and English have a particularly sweet tooth when it comes to Karamel Mann products. Belgians follow in third place, and take full advantage of our Karamel Mann online shop. The future of the export business is taking shape.

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