Exploring Finistere (continued)

30-07-2018 Les pommes
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A gastronomic tour around the Finistere region may prompt a satisfying tasting mission…


The AOC Cider route in Cornouaille

 AOC* and AOR** Cornouaille, Pommeau and Lambig are all ciders made according to a strict set of rules using the region’s finest cider apples, and undergo the most stringent tasting tests in order to deliver impeccable quality.  Meander along the Cornouaille trail and meet 13 talented producers with a passion for their craft. A visit to the cider-works is a great introduction to the different production techniques, the region’s rich terroir and rather surprisingly, the many ways to enjoy AOC Cornouaille cider in particular.


Le cidre AOC Cornouaille


2-starred Michelin Olivier Bellin, l’Auberge des Glazicks


In his family auberge, Olivier Bellin creates his own brand of magic using the finest products from the Brittany region, where Ble Noir buckwheat – literally “black wheat” reigns supreme. Yellow gold, white, or black – and the blue-gold variety may even ring a bell – are all exceptional Breton products that have fallen under the spell of alchemist-chef Olivier Bellin, regional chef extraordinaire. Buckwheat butter, bread, macarons, buckwheat linguini and meat sauce with scallops or oysters, and even buckwheat ice cream.

The future looks bright for this young Breton chef.

As well as its glowing reputation for fabulous food, the other string to Brittany’s bow is one of France’s largest music festivals.


Summer festival: les Vieilles Charrues


Welcoming more than 280,000 avid festival-goers over the course of 4 days, this is France’s most popular music festival. It is known for its rich fusion of world music and local talent.


Summer festival

Summer Festial : Les Vieilles Charrues

Winter festival: Trans Musicales


Every year the Trans Musicales Festival in Rennes showcases the most important musical trends of the future. The music-fest varies in duration from 3-5 days from year to year and attracts more than 60,000 musically-minded souls. The festival’s philosophy is to provide a platform for new music from young up-and-coming talent, alongside acts from all over the world.

* AOC: Appellation d’Origine Controlée

** AOR: Appellation d’Origine Réglementée

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