22-08-2018 L'influenceuse Rosie avec les vaches
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During a recent trip to Normandy, caught up with Rosie, an influential foodie writer crazy about food and top quality ingredients.

L'influenceuse Rosie et les vaches

L’influenceuse Rosie découvre les vaches

What are your favourite products around the world?

Rosie: French of course! And Italian, especially from Sicily.


Why did you decide to become food influencer?

Rosie: I grew up in a family that loved eating and cooking good food. I have many happy memories at home or with friends, and even during the holidays camping in France or in Spain, when our lives evolved around food and cooking. I started to work as a journalist specialising in food writing. And since the very start I have never wanted to change my focus. There is so much to learn about food and nutrition. 10 years down the line I am convinced I only know a fraction of all there is to know. Take today for example, meeting producers in Normandy. I think I became an influencer because I am fortunate to be able to spend time with great chefs and devoted, passionate producers creating extraordinary food. Being able to document it all and share my discoveries on social media seems to keep my followers happy.


If you were only able to take two foods on a desert island, what would it be?

Rosie: bread is a must. I love Dijon mustard too. It’s a staple ingredient in my cooking. It’s so good!


Do you have to be a real chef to cook French food?

Rosie: I totally agree with Leyla; if you use quality ingredients, it doesn’t take much to make them taste delicious. It’s always fascinating to taste very sophisticated, fine dining, but for me personally, the best dishes are also the simplest, like an omelette or a good piece of fish.


How did you like Normandy?

Rosie: There’s always a special connection between the land, a region and the products made there. It’s an important concept to understand, and Normandy illustrates this perfectly.

Leyla et Rosie dans le village Camembert

Les influenceuses Leyla et Rosie découvrent le village Camembert

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