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Breton cauliflower

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Brittany is the leading vegetable-producing region in France and sixth in Europe.

That represents around 150,000 acres of cultivated land and almost 13,000 jobs. In particular, it is number one in France for the production of cauliflowers, potatoes and artichokes. In relation to cauliflowers alone, Brittany is responsible for almost 80% of French national production.


  • Approximately 3kg of cauliflowers and broccoli is consumed per year per person in France.
  • France is the sixth biggest consumer of cauliflowers in Europe, a long way behind Belgium which consumes 10kg per person per year!
  • Cauliflowers can be found on stalls all year round.
  • However, they are mainly consumed during the winter months: 70% of French cauliflower consumption takes place between October and April.
  • The average price of a cauliflower is between €1.40/kg and €2.60/kg.


  • The cauliflower is the leading vegetable exported by France.
  • Half of production, approximately 155,000 tons, is exported.
  • Europe is the main export area accounting for more than 90% of export volumes.
  • In terms of destination countries, Germany alone accounts for 30% of French cauliflower exports, representing just over 57,000 tons a year. The Netherlands takes second place (26,000 tonnes),followed by the UK (21,000 tonnes) and Italy (8000 tonnes).
  • France is the third biggest producer of cauliflowers in Europe, just behind Spain (17% of European production),and a long way behind Italy (26% of European production). In all, 2.5 million tonnes of cauliflowers are produced each year in Europe.


In France

  • 330,000 tonnes of cauliflowers were produced in France in 2012
  • That represents more than 47,000acres of plants.
  • Cauliflowers are planted from June to August.
  • They are harvested between October and May, depending on the variety.
  • France is the sixth largest producer of cauliflowers in the world (representing 2% of global production).China comes first with 45% of global production (the equivalent of 7 million tons), followed by India, Italy, Spain and the United States

In Brittany

  • 80% of French production takes place in Brittany, representing around 300,000 tons per year.
  • That represents some 150 million heads of cauliflower.
  • Brittany is the leading region for cauliflower production in Europe.
  • It contains 1500 cauliflower producers.
  • 80% of Breton farms grow cauliflowers, on an average plot of 27 acres.
  • That represents a production surface area of 45,000 acres, or 95% of the surface area dedicated to cauliflower growing in France.
  • 1.4 million heads of green cauliflower are produced in Brittany each year, along with 6 million heads of kale and 2 million of romanesco broccoli.

A savoir

Near relations of the cauliflower

Caulifloweris a member of the brassica family, which comes in a range of shapes and colours, including white, green, orange, purple, kale, romanesco and Brussels sprouts ! These varieties are available all year round, although connoisseurs prefer them in December, when they are most tasty.