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French biscuits and cakes


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The total biscuit and cakes category in France is valued at nearly 3 billion euros in 2014 and has shown continued growth since 2009. This figure covers total sales of all French companies within the category, on both domestic and export markets. In France, supermarkets account for 90% of sales while the remaining 10% is sold through bakeries, petrol stations, newspaper kiosks and specialist retailers.


When it comes to domestic consumption, France has a real sweet tooth for biscuits and cakes with a total annual per capita consumption of 8.5kg. This remains in line with average EU consumption with 6.9 kg per capita annual consumption of biscuits and 1.5kg of cake. Drilling down further, speciality biscuits (cream-filled, chocolate etc.) are the most popular, accounting for 3.7kg annual per capita consumption, closely followed by plain biscuits and teatime treats (2.8 kg) and sponge-based products (sponge fingers, madeleine etc.), and waffle biscuits (gaufrettes). While eating biscuits and cakes in France for teatime, has always been particularly prevalent among children, with 83% of children consuming biscuits and cakes at least once a week, the trend has also caught on with the next generation, with 39% of adults enjoying biscuits and cakes as an afternoon treat at least 4 times a week.


In 2014, France exported 206,072 tonnes of biscuits and cakes, accounting for more than 45% of total production. Exports have increased at an almost identical rate over the last two years. French companies traditionally export more cakes than biscuits. The trend upheld in 2014 when cake exports reached 126,987 tonnes, compared to only 79,085 tonnes of biscuits. Major European export markets for French products are led by Belgium with 43,304 tonnes, followed by Germany (42,433 tonnes), the UK (37,024 tonnes) and Italy (21,994 tonnes). Outside Europe, the United States is the leading consumer of French biscuits and cakes, importing 3,430 tonnes in 2014, followed by Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Norway and Algeria. Total exports reached 701.2 million euros in 2014.



In 2014, French companies produced 472,800 tonnes of biscuits and cakes, an increase of 14,100 tonnes on the previous year. Production of biscuits and cakes  is showing a 3.9% increase compared to 2009, which was considered a benchmark year. Speciality chocolate biscuits and selections make up the greater share and account for 185,550 tonnes.

A savoir

The French biscuit industry comprises more than 100 production units in France, employing a work force of more than 12,850 and actively driving the economy of every region in France.
Essentially cereal-based ingredients : flour is the predominant ingredient in biscuits, accounting on average for 42% of total product weight (20-80% depending on the recipe).
There are 66 categories of biscuits and cakes in France, illustrating the extensive range of speciality bakery products in France.


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