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French peaches and nectarines

07-08-2015 Fiche technique pêche et nectarine française

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In 2014, Europe’s three main producers of peaches and nectarines were Italy, Spain and Greece, followed by France in fourth place.

Projected crop yields for Europe in 2015 are expected to reach 2.97 million tonnes compared to 2.95 million in 2014, according to research conducted at the Mediterranean fruit and vegetables trade fair in Perpignan.


78.9% of households in France said they had purchased peaches and nectarines in 2014 (Source Panel Kantar) with an average consumption of 6kg.

When it comes to purchasing peaches and nectarines, hypermarkets and supermarkets account for 49% of volumes, discounters represent 12%, specialist fruit and vegetable stores 11%, the market 17% and 6% pass through local convenience stores.

Peaches and nectarines account for 7.7% of all fruit purchased for household consumption (4% nectarines and 3.7% peaches). 70.3% of sales of peaches and nectarines are sold in bulk.


As in previous years, in 2014 Germany was the leading importer of French peaches and nectarines accounting for 23% of volumes, followed by Switzerland and Belgium. Interestingly, exports to Russia have fallen significantly compared to 2013 as a result of the embargo imposed last August..



In 2014, production of peaches and nectarines – clingstone and freestone – in mainland France reached just over 230,000 tonnes (Source Agreste). This level of production exceeds that of the previous year by 13%.

In 2014, the region of Languedoc-Roussillon was the leading producer of peaches and nectarines, accounting for more than 46% of volumes in France, and almost 106,000 tonnes. Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur with 59,700 tonnes accounts for 26%, while Rhone-Alpes completes the leader board with 42,800 tonnes, responsible for more than 19% of France’s production. The other regions trail some way behind; Midi-Pyrenées, in 4th position, produces only 8,600 tonnes, and accounts for just 4% of volumes. In addition, peach and nectarine production for processing increased by 7% during the period 2013-3014, from 10,600 to 11,370 tonnes.

A savoir

Peaches and nectarines are the 7th most popular fruit consumed in France. Originally from Asia, they have been readily available in French stores since the 15th century.