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Offering tastings, workshops, and the opportunity to fraternise with producers, artisans, grape growers and chefs, Printemps du Gout in central Paris’s Boulevard Haussmann, is the ultimate multi-sensorial experience focused on all things French, to eat sur place or grab and go.


Emmanuelle Touboul’s brainchild, Printemps du Gout, showcasing French food in all its glory, was just a glimmer of an idea simmering for years at the back of her consciousness until finally coming to fruition in January 2018. This mighty orchestrator set out on a quest to locate the finest French products, driven by a single, all-consuming criteria – flavour. In three years, a panel of product testers blind-tasted some 18,000 food items, crafted by 2,000 artisans, to retain a carefully curated selection of just 2,500 listings. And the icing on the gateau, Emmanuelle Touboul managed to convince the finest stores, representing the most iconic examples of French gastronomy, to come on board with the project, together with some of France’s most legendary chefs and artisans.  But for this wildly ambitious project to take shape, a destination befitting this fine food selection was to be her next challenge: enter the 7th and 8th floors of the new Printemps de L’Homme, the capital’s luxury department store. “It’s just perfect for the project, providing a unique 360° view over Paris,” explains Emmanuelle Touboul. Fine grocery and iconic products occupy the 7th floor, while the 8th floor is devoted to a marketplace and fresh seasonal produce.

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Iconic grocery produce


The project could not exist without produce, which is the real raison d’etre for Printemps du Gout. And produce a-plenty are on sale over 900m2 of grocery, comprising fine grocery, together with a dedicated space for the true icons of French gastronomy. What’s more, Printemps du Gout has joined forces with the most legendary fine food companies, guaranteeing tradition, savoir-faire and unique flavour. Each producer represents the very best in their area, and from a dedicated space sells an impressive selection of foods, including Printemps du Gout exclusivities, to eat in or take away. And the roll-call is breathtaking, with chocolate from Maison du Chocolat, Balm truffles, smoked fish from Byzance, Dubernet foie gras, healthy eating with Juicerie, tea from the Palais des Thes and Lomi coffee. Not forgetting wine galore at Cave Bacchus, cookbooks and a gift section. And right in the centre, an eye-watering selection of 100% French products to savour, from jams and honeys, sweets and chocolates, surf and turf, vegetables and crisps, soups and sauces, breakfast and cakes, oils and vinegars, pepper and spice, mustards and relishes to teas and coffees.


Laurent Dubois, named Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2000, one of France’s most prestigious and coveted gastronomic accolades, offers no less than 80 of his finest handcrafted cheeses,

Just like the French market


Taking the time for an enchanted gastro-interlude is what this market is all about, where the great icons of French gastronomy, in all their true glory, rub shoulders with the current creative greats of culinary and artisan talent. The decor takes its inspiration from traditional Parisian brasseries creating a welcoming, homely atmosphere where each artisan benefits from his own dedicated tasting area.  Akrame runs the meat section, in charge of rotisserie and spiced meats. Gontran Cherrier is the bread supplier. His bakery offers rye and miso tourte, chorizo and sesame bread, lemon matcha cake and gourmet sandwiches. As to cheese, Laurent Dubois, named Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2000, one of France’s most prestigious and coveted gastronomic accolades, offers no less than 80 of his finest handcrafted cheeses, from the mature to the young and fresh, made from goat’s, sheep or cow’s milk, and enhanced with chives, honey, walnuts or even fruits of the forest jam. And finally, Christophe Michalak, world champion pastry chef in 2005, constructs his creations with the four ‘E’s always at the forefront of his imagination: Elegance, Equilibrium, Emotion and Effectiveness. His creative works are a tribute to the all-time greats of French patisserie, with that trademark touch of rock’n roll; think Kosmiks, (Paris-Brest, rum Baba), Klassiks (mille-feuille, lemon tart and pavlova), Tarts K, Cakes, and a vast selection of chocolate delicacies and delicious sweet treats.  Not forgetting – how could we possibly – the truly unmissable salted caramel religieuse.

La boulangerie

Gontran Cherrier is the bread supplier


And a little something for the festive season?


For Christmas and New Year, Printemps du Gout has come up with a range of exclusive products including passion fruit jam and chocolate biscuits. True to the spirit of Printemps, the fine grocery department also sells pre-packed gift boxes, courtesy of Bon et Moi Chef, ready to send all over the world.