More than 800 french companies present at SIAL 2016 in Paris

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France, 4 th largest exporter of agri-food products

France is a country proud of its important agricultural sector and agrifood businesses, which give French culinary heritage a daily purpose. In 2015, France’s agricultural and agrifood trade surplus (excluding tobacco) reached €10.8 billion – an increase of €0.4 billion on the previous year –, of which €8.1 billion came from agrifood alone, excluding unprocessed agricultural products. It is France’s third-largest trade surplus, behind aerospace and cosmetic industry products. This makes France one of the leading exporters of products from the agrifood industry, ranked fourth in the world in 2015. France obviously has a strong presence among its European neighbours, and also on every continent – notably in the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore –, where its exports are on the rise.

Culinary traditions and innovations : Successful alliances

While drinks, dairy and cereals are the sectors currently driving exports, France is not just the country of bread, wine and cheese. It combines terroir, culinary tradition and innovation of every kind, ensuring its expertise benefits every food product it creates.


Source: Business France, 2016

I am delighted to introduce you to the rich diversity of French produce showcased here at SIAL Paris, the world’s largest trade fair specialising in food.   Like last year, some 800 French companies will be easily identifiable by their blue, white and red “Made in France, Made with Love” branding.

Made in France, Made with Love

Made in France, Made with Love

Wandering through the aisles of this wonderful fair, visitors can appreciate and even sample a variety of French food products thanks to the activities promoting our products and savoir-faire.

Forever incorporating technological advances and being mindful of new consumer expectations, French companies innovate in every area, from the product itself to packaging, the manufacturing process and design.

A visit to the Business France stand will provide an insight, by means of a dedicated exhibition, into France’s creativity, expertise and capacity for innovation.  Visitors will also have the opportunity to network with international buyers, foreign investors and French businesses which focus on export markets and meeting the demands of international clients.  It will also be possible to get an idea of France’s strengths in terms of the solutions it offers for generating and facilitating business deals.

Innovation also goes hand in hand with tradition, of course, and this guarantees the protection of our companies’ expertise and the quality and origin of our products.  The success of our designations of origin and protected geographical indications in international markets is proof of this, while strict safety and consumer health standards are also key to the French offer.

As you are undoubtedly aware, French food products have many strengths – taste, pleasure, diversity, safety and quality – which reflect France’s reputation in the areas of food, heritage, gastronomy and innovation.

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