Best of French Food and Wine in Hong Kong at ‘Apéritif à la française 2016’

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With the iconic backdrop of the Hong Kong harbour, Apéritif à la française 2016* will be one of Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival’s main attractions from 27th – 30th October 2016. 

Hong Kong Apéritif à la française 2016

Apéritif à la française 2016

This year, twenty exhibitors will be showcasing the many faces of French food and wine, a leap from last year’s number. Exhibitors include renowned Hong Kong staples in the French culinary scene not to be missed. Big Fernand will be tantalising festival goers with their 100% gourmet French burgers Bartholome which was mentioned as the best European Burger by Wall Street Journal, while Tartine, the first restaurant in Hong Kong focusing on the classic French open-faced sandwich will also be at the exhibit. Cold-cut lovers will be spoiled by the offerings from both B.A.M and Répertoire Culinaire while sweet tooths will be blessed with the presence of Chez Patrick and À La Bakery as they will be serving refined French waffles and French cookies and chocolates respectively. La Boucherie, the first online butcher in Hong Kong will offer quintessential French products for meat lovers and La Fromagerie will provide you with a tailor-made guide for cheese and wine pairing. The traditional pork chop sandwich can be enjoyed at Le Cléret, whilst joining the festival for the first time will be Île de France, offering a range of French cheeses. The amazing gastronomic experience will definitely be enhanced by comfort foods like racelette from Monsieur Chatté, crêpe from Fleur de Sel, sweet and sour chicken wings from Classic Fine Foods.

Complementing the showcase of food will be a selection of wine exhibitors, curated to showcase the finest wines and spirits to be discovered from France. Natural Food and Beverage offers generous Gin that is 100% French-made from the region of Cognac.  The roster of dedicated wine exhibitors include: Rhône Valley Wines, Beaujolais Wines, Vin de France Wines, Vines & Terroirs, Voici Wines and Château Soucherie; while French sparkling and still water, Badoit and Evian will refresh the crowd.

For further information and detailed program download La Gazette Aperitif 2016


*About “Apéritif à la française

Launched in 2004, APF was initiated by Sopexa and the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and is now celebrated in over five international cities, including Montreal, Copenhagen, Dubai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, and focuses on the sophisticated French lifestyle during this celebration of conviviality and pleasure.

As the etymology of the word suggests, the Apéritif, derived from the Latin verb “aperire” which means “to open” was originally enjoyed just before a meal in order to whet the appetite and was traditionally served with some appetizers or light snacks, like olives, savoury cakes, peanuts or crackers.  The Apéritif moment is now still considered a perfect, convivial pre-dinner time to relax and socialise.

From North to South, each region of France has its favourite food and drink that is enjoyed during Apéritif.  From Picon in the North, Kir Breton in Brittany, Pastis in Marseille, Rosé wine in Provence or Pinault des Charentes in the South-West, France offers a mosaic of taste sensations. This regional diversity is equally represented in the food, with tapenade, gougère, saucisson sec, pâté, rillettes and olive cake in traditional French cuisine.

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