French wines are still essential on the wine market

19-10-2016 Wine trade monitor by SOPEXA
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French wines are listed by 94% of surveyed professionals

According to the 2016 Wine Trade Monitor* on French wines, France is considered a must-stock producer. Currently listed by 94% of respondents, France is still the most popular wine-producing country in trade portfolios, followed by Italy (80%) and Spain (76%).


Wine Trade Monitor

Wine Trade Monitor 2016 study on French wines, Source: Sopexa

France remains a second to none wine country

In terms of global image, France lies significantly ahead of its competitors, particularly in Asia.  69% of all respondents consider French wine to be the most successful, across all criteria.*


Wine Trade Monitor

Wine Trade Monitor 2016, Source: Sopexa

In contrast, Italy lies at the other end of the scale with only 13% of votes.

French wines are still held in particularly high esteem with regards to “wines for special occasions”, where unsurprisingly, they come out on top, and also for “sustainably developed” and “supplier relations”, the latter of particular importance and flagged in Asian markets.

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Les vins français : étoiles montantes des marchés du vin
Le vignoble français et le vin français

*Wine Trade Monitor: an international prospective study focusing on still wines (excluding spirits, fortified wines, Champagne and sparkling wines), led by communication and marketing agency Sopexa in 7 countries (USA, Canada, Russia, China, Hong-Kong, Japan, South Korea). 1,100 key stakeholders including importers, wholesalers and retailers present their 2-year forecast on market development and key trends.

*Image criteria: wines for special occasions, wide range, sustainably developed, attractive price, innovation, everyday wines, good supplier relations, logistical capacity, successful communication campaigns, consistent taste, advertising and promotional support materials and available volumes.


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