Introducing the d’aucy group, France’s market leader in the canned vegetable sector

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In France, a can of d’aucy vegetables is sold every 5 seconds in French supermarkets.


Also distributed in more than 50 countries around the world, d’aucy ensures its vegetables are picked at just the right time when they are fully ripe, and then finds the best way to conserve all those delicious flavours. This way, every customer around the world can enjoy their flavours and nutritional benefits all year round.



Philippe Mergel, Export Manager at d’aucy, agreed to answer a few questions for


How long have you been exporting your produce?

D’aucy is extremely active internationally, with a growing network of sales outlets/ offices in Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Austria. The group has a turnover of 1.3 billion euros, of which 16% comes from international markets.

Outside Europe we have been exporting mainly to Africa, French overseas departments and the Middle East for more than 20 years. Right now, d’aucy is an international brand, with our products listed in sales channels in more than 50 countries.


What are the unique selling points of your products?

As a producer and cooperative member, we ensure we provide our customers with healthy, nutritional products from farm to fork. All the farms we work with are located at close proximity to our production sites. Our vegetables are processed at our factories within less than four hours of being picked, ensuring they are packed with goodness. Our committed eco-conscious approach extends to our cans and packaging, which are carefully selected and ensure complete traceability.


Do you see Made in France as an advantage in export markets?

Absolutely, Made in France is a major advantage when engaging international markets. French provenance is extremely popular for many consumers, particularly in Asia, given its guarantee of unparalleled quality and traceability.

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Source: d’aucy

What values drive production at d’aucy?

With our cooperative model, the d’aucy group strives on a daily basis to support its members and offer its customers healthy foods tailored to different lifestyles, mindful of future generations. The values that drive our cooperative are solidarity, innovation, commitment, competitiveness and reliability.


You mentioned lifestyle and innovation, how does this relate to your product range?

D’aucy has been working with organic produce for 4 years now. Within our canned range we have just launched two new organic listings, ratatouille and lentils. Other new products have recently been put forward in direct response to the consumer, such as “Country-style” vegetables and stir-fry roast vegetables as part of our frozen range, and also Filet mignon of pork in a mustard sauce with potatoes and Chilli con carne, two delicious new ready meal recipes.

With d’aucy, you can be sure there is a dish for everyone, for every occasion, each individual taste and lifestyle. Tinned or frozen, fresh or cooked, single vegetable or a mixed selection, d’aucy offers a range of quality, nutritional and easy-to-prepare products.

3 d’aucy stir-fries were recently shortlisted for the SIAL Innovation Awards 2016. The range, launched in May 2016, comprises 3 delicious recipes: spring chicken stir-fry, chicken paella stir-fry and Pork “Parisian”.

Source: d’aucy

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