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Today on Franceagroalimentaire, we introduce you one of our contestants to the France Bon Appétit competition:  Singlemade, food blogger.


And the chef behind this original recipe is Minne Langedock, alias Singlemade, which is also the name of her blog.


Minne Languedock Singlemade

Qualified cook and in pastry, Minne decided to launch her blog dedicated to recipes for one in July 2017. Since then, various singles sit on her tasting panel and road test her recipes before they make it to her website. Singlemade is a foodblog specifically targeting singles who enjoy cooking delicious, healthy meals.


To learn more about Minne and her love of French cuisine, we asked our trainee chef a few questions:


  • What motivated you to create this blog?

I started the blog because of my brother. He was single and found it frustrating to cook for himself. Most recipes he found serve four, need too many exotic ingredients and don’t make sense… So I promised him I’d develop some recipes for one. And as it turns out, it wasn’t just my brother who was struggling with this issue. I knew I had to expand on the basic idea and voilà, Singlemade was born.


  • What is your first memory of French cuisine?

When I was a child, we used to make daytrips during the summer holidays, sometimes to France. I grew up in West-Flanders, so France was only half an hour away, but every time we crossed the border, it was a whole different world. Everything was different: the houses, the people, the roads, the language and, of course, the food. My dad took me into a small bakery and let me choose one thing as a treat. I chose a Galette Fourré, just because of how exotic it sounded. It wasn’t a new concept, but I’d never tasted anything quite so delicious. Yes, that trip to France instantly made me fall in love with French cuisine. And I’ve tried many Galettes Fourrées since then, but none have ever come close to that proper French one. But I’ll keep looking! 🙂


  • For you, which meal or products best define French cuisine ?

To me, French cuisine is synonymous with gastronomy. All the cooking terminology I learned during my training is French and most of the basic and classic dishes originated in France.

If I had to choose a single product, I would say: butter. French cuisine is rich due to its prolific use of butter and cream. Even a bit of bread and wine or a croissant with a coffee are paired with butter! 🙂


  • What is your favourite French product ? or Favourite recipe?

Nothing beats French cheese! With some apple cider, some wine, on a baguette (with some butter of course ;-))! Or as the perfect, decadent dessert after a multi-course meal!


  • Do you have to be a Chef to cook French meals? 😊

No, not at all, but French cuisine holds the foundation for many basic techniques and recipes, so if you start playing around with it, you almost turn into a master chef automatically! 😉


  • How did you come up with the idea of the « Camembert croquette »?

Well I love cheese and if I think of French cheeses, Camembert comes to mind. It looked like an interesting challenge. Camemberts in the oven or on the barbecue are not that uncommon, but I wanted a crunchy, crispy touch, like a croquette. So I thought I’d teach my audience to crumb the Camembert to make a Camembert-croquette!


  • In the future, will you cook more recipes with French products?

Oh yes, absolutely. It’s inevitable. Studying French cooking has made me the chef I am today and is omnipresent. And I’m still on a mission to find the perfect Galette Fourrée. Who knows what French deliciousness is still to cross my path! 🙂


Without further ado, let’s get cooking ! To try her recipe, rendez-vous on this article !


Find other recipes by the food blogger visit her website and social media: FacebookInstagram and Twitter.