French Products

Plateau de fromage à pâte molle

Soft cheeses seal France’s global renown


If you know your fromages, chances are you will also have heard of “Fromage à pâte molle”, but for the less fortunate, this is the group of soft cheeses made in France; Camembert, Brie, Coulommiers and Munster, and you are bound to have come across at least one of these regional delicacies and its distinctive flavours.

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Asparagus, queen of the spring season


The French asparagus: the varieties, production in France, consumption, its nutritional qualities. Become an expert on asparagus!

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Cerise française

Cherries mark the arrival of spring


Cherries are the first stone fruit of the year and will keep gourmet foodies content right through until the end of July.

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Cidre français

The fresh face of French cider


Cider, the fizzy, apple-based drink, is a firm favourite among the French. And for the last ten years, apple cider has earned its place on the aperitif shortlist.

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Lifting the lid on pâté en croûte


Brought up to date, the pâté en croûte finds its place in our plates. But what is the true story of the pie? Discover its origins and the reasons for its success.

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Miel français

French honey gets another lease of life


Innovative creatives use the huge diversity of French honey to develop a product of quality. 800,000 hives in France, with production reaching the suburbs…

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Bourgoin Cognac: Cognac the simple way


The Bourgoin Cognac company launched by Frederic and Maelys Bourgoin is breaking down the taboos surrounding the ultimate French brandy.

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Escargots français

French snails on the menu; a well-travelled French concept


An essential part of French gastronomy, snails are a popular dish for a fair few curious foodies across the globe, always on the look-out for new flavours.

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Pâtes aux oeufs

France is known for its pasta too !


Nestling in the shadow of Italy, France has also built an enviable reputation for its pasta and every year increases its market share around the world.

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Bière blonde, ambrée, brune

Hauts-de-France : France’s beer capital


The Hauts-de-France region is one of France’s largest suppliers of quality beers and is known as THE beer capital of France.

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