French Products presentation

“French food… Some people would say that it is just a myth that in France, food is the best. Well they are wrong. If you want to find out why French dishes are so tasty, it is thanks to the ingredients that they put in it. Quality is key. Discover some of the most important French products in our articles”

Asparagus, queen of the spring season


The French asparagus: the varieties, production in France, consumption, its nutritional qualities. Become an expert on asparagus!

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Cidre français

The fresh face of French cider


Cider, the fizzy, apple-based drink, is a firm favourite among the French. And for the last ten years, apple cider has earned its place on the aperitif shortlist.

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Vin bio

Organic wines from France take on the world


Like the third consecutive edition of the Vinibio Organic wine fair which has just come to a close, organic and biodynamic wines from France continue to go from strength to strength. Let’s take a closer look.

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