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“French food… Some people would say that it is just a myth that in France, food is the best. Well they are wrong. If you want to find out why French dishes are so tasty, it is thanks to the ingredients that they put in it. Quality is key. Discover some of the most important French products in our articles”

liqueurs Cambusier

French regions: a treasure trove of liqueur talent


Il existe des dizaines de liqueurs en France, avec pour chacune la typicité d’un terroir à mettre en avant. Découvrez les nombreuses liqueurs françaises et dégustez le cocktail Stanislas de Cambusier.

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Jambon – Beurre: France’s classic ham baguette making its way around the world


Simple, yet utterly delicious, the authentically French-Made jambon beurre aka le Parisien, or humble baguette spread with butter and filled with ham, is just the ticket when hunger strikes, and a popular go-to lunch.

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Plateau de fromage à pâte molle

Soft cheeses seal France’s global renown


If you know your fromages, chances are you will also have heard of “Fromage à pâte molle”, but for the less fortunate, this is the group of soft cheeses made in France; Camembert, Brie, Coulommiers and Munster, and you are bound to have come across at least one of these regional delicacies and its distinctive flavours.

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Asparagus, queen of the spring season


The French asparagus: the varieties, production in France, consumption, its nutritional qualities. Become an expert on asparagus!

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