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06-12-2018 Box pâtisserie
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Whether the perfect gift or an indulgent treat, these gourmet gift boxes are a great way of extending the life of your gift from just a few weeks to a few months…even years!  Read on for a few of our festive suggestions.


The choco-lite-rary box for epicureans


It appeals to the emotional and intuitive beings that we are”, launches Emmanuel Allasia, responsible for the choco-literary brainchild, la box chocolittéraire. “Devour a book” is a metaphor brandished frequently by the creator of the “Affaires Patissieres” fine grocery range, and one she is taking vey seriously. To the point of launching her own chocolate bar collection in the shape of a paperback book. “Each edition has been conceived as a comforting interlude, an opportunity to treat yourself and others” she explains. The idea came to light from a target audience passionate about books and chocolate and “Affaires Patissieres” chocolate bars look exactly like books you can devour. These poetic bars may play tricks on the eye, but definitely not on the palate, and have received an overwhelmingly positive response over the first six months of 2018, with a successful collaboration with one of its first customers, Sarah, aka Rose Grey Illustrations. Each box contains two chocolate bars, entirely handmade from the finest ingredients – cocoa butter, cocoa and and no artificial flavours – complete with an information leaflet and a space devoted to scribing your own personal message.

Box de chocolat

Chocolate bar collection in the shape of a paperback book


Fabulously bubbly “Fa’Bulleuses”: 7 terroirs, 7 Champagnes, 7 months


Promoting Champagne with a feminine touch is the aim of Fa’bulleuses Champagne, France’s first association of female winemakers, who have devised a Champagne selection gift box. “Fa’Bulleuses Box Champagne” is a Champagne selection box to take recipients on a journey of discovery through seven different Champagne terroirs over seven months. Seven is also the number of female wine experts behind this effervescent adventure, which essentially started life at the back of the school classroom. “Since then we have all remained firm friends. And at some point along the way we wanted to join forces to gain increased visibility,” explains Claire Blin, one of the seven creators.

Ranging from 28 to 48 years old, born into the profession or managers of their own Champagne business, the “Fa’Bulleuses” have at least two things in common: a passion for their vocation, and the desire to work together to “be stronger”.  The Champagne on offer from Fa’Bulleuses is of great quality, some biodynamic, and always with a dose of feminine charm. After the wooden gift box, next up, the Champagne ice-bucket which doubles up as a mini stool, while the latest offering includes a bottle of Champagne, a Lehmann Collector’s glass and a wine tasting notebook.

Box champagne

A Lehmann Collector’s glass and a wine tasting notebook


Chef in a box – or how to become a trainee pastry chef


A gift box recently showcased at Sial 2018 caused quite a stir in the world of French Food Tech. Enter the Chef in a box concept:  Le Chef en box. The idea is simple: a monthly box sent to your door containing everything you need to create a cake like a pro, so a step-by- step guide to whip up an exclusive pastry creation, complete with all the top tips to add that certain je ne sais quoi. Inside the box, you will find pre-weighed ingredients, any special utensils, and detailed instructions.  But what is the secret behind the box that ticks all the boxes? (No pun intended). According to its creators: “It works at every level. Anyone can follow the recipe without being a trained pastry chef, even if it is a bone fide professional recipe. The secret is adapting the recipe and making it work for all,” confides Julien, one of its co-founders. ‘Chef en box’ is the result of an endearing family adventure, involving Julien, his cousin Julia, the artist behind the design-mad trio, and his sister Anais. In fact it was Anais who came up with the idea: “Anais was retraining as a professional pastry chef and was unable to find anything to help her recreate real pastry recipes, other than lessons and training. It was at this point she came up with the idea of the gift box”, explains Julien. This great adventure, that even turned heads at the Elysee Palace in Paris, is only just beginning…

Box pâtisserie


Box pâtisserie

A monthly box to create a cake like a pro