OenoBordeaux: the French wine app revolutionising the wine world

14-09-2018 Application
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L’Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, the Bordeaux Wine School, has developed an app to allow users to get to grips with Bordeaux wines.


L’Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux : a French Institution


In 2019, this stalwart of educational excellence on the Bordeaux wine scene will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Set up by the Bordeaux Wine Committee (CIVB), the Bordeaux Wine School offers wine education programmes tailored to wine professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Its key advantage compared to other educational establishments is its capacity to provide fully bespoke learning packages for each student.  Depending on level of knowledge, profile whether enthusiast or wine trade, area of business and location, the course content and format can be tailored to provide a strictly personalised programme. Now present in 19 countries, every year l’ Ecole du Vin delivers quality wine education to 85,000 avid learners.


The OenoBordeaux app – a world first


Student numbers are set to rise in forthcoming years with the launch of OenoBordeaux, the school’s new on-line learning app. Since 2017, this new learning tool, aimed at wine professionals and enthusiasts alike, has caused quite a stir. “It is the first free mobile learning app dedicated to wine and vines”, explains Stephanie Barratt, Director, l’Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, whose role has been instrumental in the launch of this “world exclusive” tool.

So what is mobile learning?

According to Stephanie Barratt, “It’s the ability to constantly improve your wine knowledge, whenever and wherever.

With OenoBordeaux, which is available in 5 languages – French, English, German, Chinese and Japanese – wine trade professionals can continue to enhance their knowledge of Bordeaux wines, anywhere in the world.

We have the entire wine sector covered. People working in the wine trade do not necessarily have the time or funds to travel. They do however want to learn about wines and vineyards. They have all the expertise they need at their fingertips with this free app available to download all over the world.”



Application is available in different languages ©Bordeaux Wine School


How does it work?


While OenoBordeaux essentially targets the wine trade, the app is also an impressive tool for wine enthusiasts. One simple download is all it takes to realise its true potential as a fun learning tool.  The first page, its content presented like a webzine, features a number of articles explaining the key Bordeaux grape varieties, and also features a video providing a whistle-stop tour through the lifecycle of the vine, month by month. It also features interactive games to make the app accessible to all.

It is important to reiterate that the app serves as an additional learning aid and is not meant to replace a physical wine course. Some things can be done by phone and others need to be in person and vice versa,” concludes the school’s Director.  With more than 8,000 downloads in less than 12 months, OenoBordeaux continues to go from strength to strength and is well on its way to its target of 50,000 by 2019.


Dowlnload the application on Apple Store or Google Play