The latest wine apps for autumn 2018

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France is a driving force in the field of wine technology and start-up companies continue to blaze a trail thanks to their Made in France innovations.  Mobile apps are not immune to this creativity, and while some are already well established on the domestic market, others are making their mark internationally.

Wine apps are a great way for wine enthusiasts to check what is available on the market, choose a bottle, share their finds, log tasting notes and even top up their personal collections by ordering wine on line. They are the major breakthrough in recent times, and in terms of innovation, it’s just the beginning.  Check out the three innovations below for a taste of the wine-drinking future:


MyOeno: wine-focused connected device/ pocket sommelier /handy wine scanner for all


Tasting wine can be an explosion of the senses, but describing the experience or trying to remember what we taste is a whole new ball game. And this is where the MyOeno app and wine scanner comes into play, now on sale around the world. This neat connected device, when dipped into a glass of wine, will analyse the contents and even make recommendations, in French or English, opening the door to a whole new world of wine discoveries based on your individual taste in wine. The device is roughly the size of a marker pen and connects to smartphones via Bluetooth. Capable of analysing acidity level, tannin and even alcohol content, the device communicates the information to the app, which then converts the data into a highly-visual, triangular infographic showing percentage values for each characteristic.

Based on this insight, the app then creates a profile of the wine drinker, and a list of personalised recommendations. Using a 0-5 scoring system, users can also log their favourite wines on the app. The other great advantage is that MyOeno is continually building a comprehensive data base, gathering data uploaded by wine lovers from all over the world and making the app even more efficient. Launched at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas in 2017, the world’s leading innovation fair, MyOeno was a hit with many foreign users. To find out more, watch the video-clip on:

Winegrowing application

MyOeno : wine-focused connected device

Le bon Gustave – all the info you need from a snap of a label


Launched in 2016 by Clemence Durieux, from his adoptive home of Lyon, Le Bon Gustave app can track down a bottle of wine just from a photo of the label. Users are invited to take a photo of a wine label with their smartphone and upload to the app. Le Bon Gustave will then perform a search, via wine-merchants and producers, find the wine, and provide a quote to purchase including 1 or 2-day delivery options.  It is a practical, modern-day solution to buying wine and stocking up on well-known, tried and tested bottles.

The Bar Corner: the app that finds the ideal spot for you


Recent start-up The Bar Corner is shaking up the social scene and exposing users to a whole new world of drinking and dining establishments. From ordering to paying the bill and even delivery, the new app specialising in the hottest venues about town is rapidly becoming the go-to reference on the social scene.

It’s a simple concept: The Bar Corner lists a comprehensive selection of bars, cafes and restaurants based on where you live or current location and preferences. Having chosen from a number of different themes, users can also tap into various promotions available via the app, or even take advantage of exclusive access to events organised by preferred partners.

With more than 1,000 bars already signed up, and at least 10,000 events, including 5,000 in and around Paris, The Bar Corner is a breath of fresh air for users and venues alike. The app can also take orders and process payments remotely, which is a significant time-saver for the venues involved.