Data sheet

Cerise française

Cherries mark the arrival of spring


Cherries are the first stone fruit of the year and will keep gourmet foodies content right through until the end of July.

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Un barbecue avec une grande variété de viandes labelisées, de la viande française

French Meat assigned Quality labels proving just the ticket


Need a tip to find the meat that best meets your expectations? For a guaranteed quality and taste , look for french meats assigned quality labels.

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French biscuits and cakes


[Data Sheet] Find everything you’ve always wanted to know about French biscuits and cakes in this article.

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Muesli, cornflakes and ripe wheat as an illustration of healthy food

French cereals


[Data Sheet] France is the world’s second largest exporter of cereals after the USA.

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L'oignon français dans la cuisine française, par France Agroalimentaire

French onions


[Data sheet] French onions

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La pêche française, fruits de France

French peaches and nectarines


[Data Sheet] In 2014, Europe’s three main producers of peaches and nectarines were Italy, Spain and Greece, followed by France in fourth place.

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Tomate française, fruits et légumes françaises

French tomatoes


[Data sheet] French tomatoes is the most consumed fruit/vegetable in France. Discover why and more about our french tomatoes.

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L'abricot français, fruits de France

French apricots


[Product sheet] French apricots

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Le melon français : consommation, production et export

Melon, King of summer


[Data sheet] Grown and savoured in the height of their season from June to September, french melon is enjoyed by all food lovers for its juicy, refreshing flesh.

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La banane de France, fruits et légumes de France



[Product sheet] Bananas

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