French Products presentation


French Vodka: a sophisticated tipple


French Vodka: a sophisticated tipple

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Miel française et apiculture en France, gastronomie française

Honey and apiculture in France


[Infographic] Honey and apiculture in France : Discover our infographic on honey and beekeeping in France! Insights on production, consumption and on labels AOC/AOP.

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French biscuits and cakes


[Data Sheet] Find everything you’ve always wanted to know about French biscuits and cakes in this article.

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Muesli, cornflakes and ripe wheat as an illustration of healthy food

French cereals


[Data Sheet] France is the world’s second largest exporter of cereals after the USA.

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karamel mann

Success is sweet for Karamel Mann salted caramel spread


Karamel Mann specialises in salted caramel. Its founder, Vincent Bonno, exports to Europe and is making headway in a number of markets.

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L'oignon français dans la cuisine française, par France Agroalimentaire

French onions


[Data sheet] French onions

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La pêche française, fruits de France

French peaches and nectarines


[Data Sheet] In 2014, Europe’s three main producers of peaches and nectarines were Italy, Spain and Greece, followed by France in fourth place.

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Tomate française, fruits et légumes françaises

French tomatoes


[Data sheet] French tomatoes is the most consumed fruit/vegetable in France. Discover why and more about our french tomatoes.

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L'abricot français, fruits de France

French apricots


[Product sheet] French apricots

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Le kiwi français, fruits et légumes de France - kiwi production

A kiwi story


[Data sheet] The history of kiwis in France is long and filled with twists and turns… but the one thing that everyone can agree on is that it all begins in China!

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