The Oyster Bar: so typically Parisian

21-12-2017 Plateau de fruits de mer et citron
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The trend in “bars” has taken over the French capital.

From sushi bars to mozzarella bars to pasta bars, few foods can resist, not even the oyster.


During this holiday season, when seafood truly has the place of honour, the “Bar à Huitres, Oyster Bar is somewhat of a landmark in the capital. These bistro-brasseries sprinkled throughout Paris are the idea of Garry Dorr. This chef, a true lover of the sea, spends his life travelling up and down the French coastline in search of the finest oysters and other treasures the depths have to offer. At his four Oyster bar, he serves up the best fish in the country, alongside the freshest, best-sized shellfish on the market, in prestigious settings. At 32 years of age, the cook and restaurant owner has invented his very own concept: the High-Seas restaurant.


The creation of a « Grand cru » label 

Bar a huîtres

Oysters presented on the stall – oyster bar

Garry Dorr is also behind the concept of a “Grand Cru” label for oysters. As well, he came up with a more modern way of serving diners, taking great care with even the slightest of details. In this spirit, in 2011, he created the first menu on the iPad, offering his guests a documentary and culinary journey through the set menus, the designations and the portraits of seafood producers.


Magnificient settings

Huîtres sur l'étal

Oysters on the stall sorted and graded before customer service

=On a street corner, in a tourist-filled square, with a large outside seating area in a working-class neighbourhood, and a more intimate atmosphere in a Haussmannian street, Garry Dorr’s Bars à Huitres are everywhere in Paris. In terms of decor, the atmosphere is classy – almost glitzy – but there is also the feel of a fisherman’s hut in Cap Ferret. Large aquariums show off the lobsters and crabs diners can enjoy. In front of every restaurant, the seafood stalls are huge and harmoniously presented. Oyster shuckers are on hand at each of the eateries. They sort, inspect and size the oysters that arrive daily from the French coast, proof of the ultimate freshness. Master oyster shucker André Tronscorff, European champion and French champion for speed shucking, heads a staff renowned for its professionalism.


Fresh seafood any time of day

Plateau de fruits de mer

Sea food platter in an oyster bar

Whatever the address (from Saint-Germain to Montparnasse or from rue Saint-Jacques to Place des Ternes), diners can enjoy their favourite treats any time of day. Fish fresh from the market, prepared right before your eyes as a tartare, carpaccio, steak or tataki. Fall for the grilled sardines from Concarneau served with a glass of white wine. As for the diversity of oysters, the range is gigantic.  Some 30 different types of oysters are offered on the menu. At their peak of freshness, always served on ice, you are going to relish every bite. With oysters from île aux Oiseaux, and Grand crus from île de Ré, Normandy, Aquitaine and Poitou-Charentes, there is something for everyone. In the premier category, that of the Grands Crus of Brittany, the giant Pied de Cheval (horse hoof) of Prat-Ar-Coum, weighing more than a kilogram, is offered by star oyster farmer Yvon Madec. It is the largest flat oyster in the world, renowned for its hazelnut aroma and long finish. But there are more than just oysters. In addition to the mussels from Baie Saint-Michel and scallops from Dieppe, there are a large number of AOC products that are always served fresh.


Home delivery

Garry Dorr’s Modern DNA doesn’t stop there. Having trained under Jean-François Piège, a top French chef, has also thought about those who don’t want to eat at his restaurant. For these customers, the Oyster bar offers home delivery. This service is unique in Paris, available 7 days a week from noon until midnight. Seafood platters are delivered fresh by a private-hire driver decked out in a suit and tie. Simply call the restaurant nearest your home and order. A splendid idea for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.


Locations in Paris :

  • Bar à Huîtres Montparnasse, 112 boulevard du Montparnasse, 14th arrondissement. 01 43 20 71 01.
    • From Monday to Thursday 12:00 noon to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 1:00 am and Sunday from 12 noon to midnight.


  • Bar à Huîtres Saint-Germain, 33 rue Saint-Jacques, 5th arrondissement. 01 44 07 27 37.
    • From Monday to Thursday 12:00 noon to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 1:00 am and Sunday from 12 noon to midnight.


  • Bar à Huîtres Place des Vosges, 33 boulevard Beaumarchais, 11th arrondissement. 01 48 87 98 92.
    • From Monday to Thursday 12:00 noon to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 1:00 am and Sunday from 12 noon to midnight.


  • Bar à Huîtres Place des Ternes, 69 avenue de Wagram, 17th arrondissement. 01 43 80 63 54.
    • From Monday to Thursday 12:00 noon to 11:30 pm, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to midnight and Sunday from 12 noon to 11:30 pm.