SIAL Paris 2018: flavour is back

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The SIAL Paris international food exhibition is back: the 2018 edition, running from 21 to 25 October, puts the spotlight on flavour and on today’s and tomorrow’s hottest food trends.  



The SIAL Innovation Awards


A new day is dawning in the food sphere and SIAL Paris 2018 is highlighting the unique concepts and innovations driving the sector forward. With a 10% rise in the number of new products presented for the SIAL Innovation Awards, the food and drinks industry can’t stop serving up new products and services for manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. Worldwide, the food and drinks business is going all out to win over a new generation of consumers in search of fresher, healthier food by developing new products and ingredients soon to be found on supermarket shelves and dinner tables. Following an initial round of selection by XTC world innovation, 801 finalists were shortlisted and 15 prizes will be awarded to the finest innovations on display at the 2018 show.


“True” flavour comes back as one of today’s hottest trends


SIAL Paris 2018 will also see flavour – and flavours – making a big comeback, with bold new earthy flavours that offer consumers unique “eating and drinking pleasure”. And, above all, natural flavours. Authentic products, with fully transparent labelling in order to reassure shoppers who are ever more concerned about food risks. Though 62% of consumers enjoy discovering new flavours, 66% claim they are increasingly careful and are choosing higher quality products (Kantar TNS, Food 360 study, 2018). “True” flavour will be centre stage at SIAL Paris. But what does this mean? When talking about food, it describes products that are more authentic, more natural, healthier and safer. Consumers are growing much more demanding in their choice of food and the need for transparency and commitment has never been greater. “True” flavour has become one of today’s hottest trends, something that manufacturers, foodservice establishments and consumers want on the menu every day.


Food goes alternative


“Alternative Food” is a mini revolution, jazzing up the products we cook and reshaping the way we eat. On the menu, food that is healthier and more respectful of nature, the environment and animal well-being. The Alter’Native Food Sector is a show within the show, hosting the many exhibitors from the Alternative Food sphere as well as a number of special events in a dedicated space. Thanks to the Alter’Native Food Forum, key players in retail, foodservice and manufacturing can talk to each other and discover all that Alternative Food has to offer them. Guided tours with two distinct focuses – alternative ingredients (with experts from NutriMarketing) and health (with experts from Atlantic Santé) – will also be offered in French and English.


The SIAL Foodservice Award


SIAL Paris 2018 will also be presenting the third edition of the SIAL Foodservice Award, with over 500 products soon to revolutionise the foodservice industry vying for honours. Approved by the Prize’s sponsor, 3-star chef Yannick Alléno, these products are included in a special tour of the exhibition focusing on foodservice items.