The best places to drink rum in Paris

21-02-2018 Bar rhum à Paris
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Rum is in the spotlight all over the French capital!


Where to drink rum in Paris ? You only have to look in bars and world-famous specialist delis, but you will definitely strike lucky in Paris’s array of specialist Caribbean or Reunion Island restaurants. Top of our list is Caffé Creole in the 11th arondissement. The young crowd may prefer the Pirates of the Caribbean atmosphere at Barberousse, a shots bar in the 4th arondissement, or Chez Pierrot in the Bastille area, where the owner will serve you a range of the very best rums to sample.



Christian de Montaguère and A’Rhum: two rum specialists par excellence 

Owner Christian de Montaguère has an extensive collection of rums from the Caribbean, French Guyana, Reunion island, Mauritius and even French Polynesia. He also organises workshops for those looking to stretch their rum wings a little further. In addition to spirits, the specialist grocery also sells the finest delicacies from the French Caribbean. At A’Rhum, tasting workshops are on offer and visitors can explore the huge scope of food and rum pairings. The shop, which is located near Saint Lazare rail station, stocks more than 1,000 rums, as well as cookery books, cooking utensils and fine foods


Rum Made in Paris

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Rum fabrication is not restricted to French-colonised islands, and nestling in the heart of the capital is Paris’s very own distillery. In addition to vodka and gin, Sebastian and Nicolas Julhes also make rum. Look out for Petite Marie, Ambre and Galebe. Their delicately flavoured rums can be found in specialist retailers, restaurants and bars of the capital, and also throughout France. And there’s even an on-line store to delight rum devotees the world over.


Mabel, Paris’ rum empire

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And the piece de resistanceMabel: a bar in Paris’s 2nd arondissement, widely regarded as Paris’s official, most stylish rum den. With its sultry lighting, candles, sumptuous seating and waiting-staff snappily dressed in white shirts and grey braces, the setting is exceptional and the rums certainly don’t disappoint either. Enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, it’s a rum haven for enthusiasts. And interestingly the destination was ranked among Europe’s top 6 go-to bars by, the world’s biggest on-line magazine specialising in international spirit news.


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