Galette des rois recipe

15-01-2018 Galette des rois Frangipane
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A classic and a staple of the French cuisine at the beginning of the year: the Galette des rois with frangipane. Discover the recipe.


Galette des rois recipe

Ingrédients pour la recette de la frangipane

Galette des rois recipe


Ingredients (serves 8) :

-2 all-butter puff pastry rolls

-125g ground almonds

-125g caster sugar

-125g softened butter

-2 eggs

-1 egg yolk (beaten) to glaze

-1 tbsp rum

-1 “feve” (figurine)


Method (Galette des rois with frangipane) :

Pre-heat the oven to 220°C.  Beat the softened butter and sugar into a smooth creamy consistency. Add the ground almonds, 2 eggs and the rum. Mix thoroughly. For the pastry, roll out the first sheet and using a dinner plate, cut out a 20cm round for the base and place on a baking tray.  Next, spoon the almond mixture onto the centre of the sheet and spread evenly across the pastry leaving a 2cm margin around the edge. Add the all-important “feve”.  Repeat with the second sheet to make a lid and place on top of the almond cream, sealing the edges with your fingertips. Press with a fork to neaten the edges. Using a pastry brush, glaze the surface with the egg yolk slightly diluted in a small quantity of cold water. Score a swirling pattern on the surface with a knife and prick the pastry to allow it to breathe.  Bake the galette for approx. 20 minutes until golden brown.


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