Toutes les tendances culinaires françaises

How the French serve their crepes for Candlemas or “Chandeleur”


Let's go back to the origins of Candlemas, a French feast day that celebrates crepe. How the French serve them ? Spread ? Jam ?

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La galette de rois française, gastronomie française

Galette des rois: a popular French tradition


Every year to celebrate Epiphany and the arrival of the three kings in Bethlehem, the French enjoy a traditional dessert known as galette des rois, or “King Cake”.

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Oeuf coquille de Petit Duc, un chocolat de Pâques original

Four French ideas to celebrate chocolate this Easter


“Paques” signals the rebirth of spring, and with it the end of long winter months and new opportunities to delight the most discerning palates. Read on for a decidedly French take on four ways to enjoy chocolate this Easter.

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Le pâté en croûte tendance @magicm0e

The pie's the limit


Pâté en croûte, one of the crowning dishes of French gastronomy is back in favour and flavour with a range of new recipes to delight gourmet fans the world over.

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Le chocolat français, pâtisserie française

Chocolate sculptures : art and craftsmanship align for Easter


Easter is the perfect occasion to meet two expert chocolate-sculptors who have transformed their passion into an art form.

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Le Burger “Made in France” an inspirational model for all


French burger chains and restaurants are thriving across the length and breadth of the country and have set their sights further afield to international markets.

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