Traditional yet innovative, the Yule log is a firm festive favourite

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The Yule log has stood the test of time and proudly graces French tables up and down the country. No longer restricted to chocolate classics, Christmas logs also manifest in other quirky guises with ingredients including cheese and even vegetables.

Bûche de Noël


Celebrating French style with the Christmas “French touch” by Jean-Paul Hevin

The Yule log is traditionally enjoyed either as an ice-cream or biscuit-based dessert, and chocolate, whether white, plain or milk, remains one of its staple ingredients. Every year, Jean-Paul Hevin, famed French patissier and chocolatier originally from Mayenne in Northern France, gives the tradition a new lease of life, and defines a theme upon which all his creations are based.  This year, he has chosen to showcase the archetypal style, savoir-faire and lifestyle of the French. He explored the well-known “French Touch” expression coined by the English that captures France’s creative, original flair so well. His collection will delight all chocolate lovers.  In the same way as in a recipe, he has picked out seven key ingredients: creativity, joie de vivre, fashion, style, tradition, terroir and humour, all illustrated through seven Yule logs. The French Touch collection is also available in 12 boutiques throughout Japan, in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Logistics are already down to a fine art as both the recipes, made up of step-by-step instructions and drawings, and the chocolate are made in Paris and sent over to the chefs patissiers working for Jean-Paul Hevin in Japan.  Only the size of the logs can be modified.

Source : Jean Paul Hévin

The first Cheese log by Tentation Fromage

Following a twist on tradition, we move to innovation and the unusual. A trio of three young cheese aficionados set up Tentation Fromage with the aim of taking cheese sales online, and importantly offering delivery by courier in just 30 minutes. For Christmas they have set upon a totally different approach, with a cheese Yule log made from four Grand Cru cheeses.

When we talked about Christmas traditions, we came up with the idea of serving a cheese platter in the form of a Christmas log” explains Alexandre Kipp, one of the three co-founders.

Ideally the log would be enjoyed layer by layer to make the taste experience all the more intense. The cheeses used in this original Christmas log include an intense and fruity base of Beaufort d’Alpage, and a fresh interior layer of Sainte-Maure de Touraine. The second layer comprises Tomme de Brebis brulée and finally a spicy layer of Fourme d’Ambert. The whole log is encased in a rich, creamy goats’ cheese and truffle mousse and sprinkled with walnut pieces.

Cheese Yule log

Source: Tentation fromage

Make your own Christmas log with d’aucy

Another slightly offbeat version for the festive season comes courtesy of the French brand d’aucy. Quite possibly mistaken for a new twist on the famous turkey and chestnut Yule log, this is an altogether different log made quite simply from two tins of vegetables and only a few additional ingredients. The result makes a surprising and delicious dessert. The carrot-flavoured biscuit base is really moist and the chestnut cream deliciously rich thanks to the mascarpone cheese. This unusual dessert can be made the day before and kept in a cool place until served. For a touch of variety, try swapping the praline and pistachios for pecan nuts and walnuts.

d'aucy Christmas Yule log

Source : d’aucy. Find the recipe here

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