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Galette des rois 2018

Galette des rois recipe


A classic and a staple of the French cuisine at the beginning of the year: the Galette des rois with frangipane. Discover the recipe.

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Flûtes de champagne

5 Champagne cocktails to try out on Holidays


Champagne is the star of this holiday season. For even more sparkle on your taste buds, here are recipes for 5 Champagne cocktails.

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Chapon de Noël

Foie gras, capon, seafood and the Yule log: the French traditional holiday meal


Though French people’s habits are changing, the French traditional holiday meal remains the same : foie gras, seafood, capon, yule log.

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Foie gras in all its glory for Christmas and New Year’s Eve


Traditionally spread on toasted bread with a bit of fig, foie gras is back in France this year in a variety of forms. Time to get inspired!

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86 Champs l'Occitane en Provence

86 Champs: when taste and beauty collide


A new boutique on the Champs-Elysees, and not just any boutique : 86 Champs. For this is a collaboration between Pierre Hermé and l’Occitane en Provence.

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Bûche de Noël 2017 au chocolat et à la fraise

The most stunning 2017 Yule log creations from our French chefs


Discover the selection of 7 original 2017 Yule logs created by French Chefs to make your mouth water !

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Brochettes de raviolis aux girolles

Parsley Ravioli Brochettes Saint Jean recipe


Fancy French pasta today ? presents a ravioli Saint Jean recipe with butternut, Girolle mushroom and parsley by Adrien Godreau.

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Recette Bourgogne couverture

Bresse chicken breast stuffed with truffle, served with foie gras basmati


As we head into the holiday season, Franceagroalimentaire presents a new recipe : Bresse chicken breast stuffed with truffle, served with foie gras basmati.

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French cocktails for summer


To make the most of that summer vibe, here are recipes of French cocktail mixed using only the best, authentic “Made in France” ingredients.

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Crepe roulée au sucre spécialité de Bretagne

French crepes : the authentic Brittany recipe


Discover the authentic recipe of the French crepe from the Brittany region ! Crepes are one of the most famous french dish. Bon appétit !

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