French Recipes

« You don’t need to do a French cooking school to be a professional. On this page you will find some of the recipes that make French food so delicious and that have done the success of the most famous chefs. From French pastries to typical French food, find the best advices and you will impress your family and friends.”

Crepe roulée au sucre spécialité de Bretagne

French crepes : the authentic Brittany recipe


Discover the authentic recipe of the French crepe from the Brittany region ! Crepes are one of the most famous french dish. Bon appétit !

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Galette des rois 2018

Galette des rois recipe


A classic and a staple of the French cuisine at the beginning of the year: the Galette des rois with frangipane. Discover the recipe.

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Tarte aux figues - Pauline Merlet

Fig tart with almonds


Discover this delicious fig tart recipe. Easy, fast and delicious to make. It will delight the taste buds of your loved ones.

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Recipe : Boiled egg and asparagus tip verrine


Asparagus season is finally here ! Try this really simple recipe, requiring only a few ingredients : eggs, asparagus, cheese and cream.

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Le clafoutis aux cerises, recette française

Recipe: Cherry Clafoutis


Cherry Clafoutis is a delicious French flan dessert made typically with cherries. It is utterly delicious! Try this out to treat your guests!

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Flan de bananes recette

Banana flan : the recipe


Bananas are ripe and you want to make a cake ? We offer you the authentic recipe of banana flan. Let's cook!

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Croquette de camembert Singlemade

Camembert recipe: Singlemade camembert croquette


Camembert recipe: How to make camembert croquette, recipe by Singlemade, food blogger in Belgium. Discover more original recipes on her blog!

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Recette Bourgogne couverture

Bresse chicken breast stuffed with truffle, served with foie gras basmati


As we head into the holiday season, Franceagroalimentaire presents a new recipe : Bresse chicken breast stuffed with truffle, served with foie gras basmati.

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