Cooking with french butter

Fench butter


Cooking with french butter


These professionals strive to value french butter by showing that it is not only a basic product. Butter is not a product that weighs down the kitchen. As Ivan Vautier maintains, everything depends on the dosage. It is also about the cooking power. The french butter is a cultural heritage, one of the pillars of French gastronomy that must be maintained.


Find the testimonies of artisan butter makers and chefs in the documentary :

The company of Jean-Yves Bordier in Noyal-sur-Vilaine near Rennes is one of the last to work its butter in a traditional way. French chefs are fond of it. Just like foreigners, since the Bordier butter is exported abroad (Hong Kong, Singapore, …). Find their products on their website.

In Caen, Ivan Vautier, one of the best chefs of Normandy, sublimates the Norman butter in the hotel-restaurant that wears his name in Caen. He cooks different kinds of butters.


Did you know ? The French consume on average 7kgs of butter a year! To learn more, click here.