The latest Galette des Rois creations for 2018

15-01-2018 Galette des rois à la frangipane et sa couronne
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With New Year celebrations barely put to bed, the French have found another good reason to gather around the dining table, this time for the feast of Epiphany, or Twelfth Night, traditionally celebrated with a galette des rois dessert, loosely translated as “Kings’ tart”.


The latest Galette des Rois creations for 2018

La galette des rois - Frangipane

The 2018 galette des rois : frangipane

This religious feast is celebrated on January 6, although in some countries where Epiphany is not considered a national holiday, it is traditionally marked on the first Sunday after New Year’s Day. Today, France’s passion for food has overshadowed tradition as Epiphany has become a time to savour a delicious slice of galette des rois, a celebration that thankfully lasts the entire month of January. And with 30 million galettes sold in France each year, its success speaks for itself and provides the opportunity for budding and professional pastry chefs to flaunt their creative prowess.


Bernar Venet and Pierre Hermé in an exclusive collaboration

It doesn’t get much better than this for this year’s Epiphany. When Bernar Venet’s conceptual art meets Pierre Hermé’s haute patisserie, it is a collaboration of unprecedented potential. An iconic figurehead of contemporary art, the French sculptor, renowned for his monumental works, has set himself the task of creating a unique feve, the all-important charm or figurine at the centre of the galette. To taste it, follow your tastebuds here.

The charm I have designed is a nod to its improbable, random, eventual, hypothetical and unpredictable position in this delicious tart created by my friend Pierre Hermé” explains Bernar Venet. Inspired by the artist’s work, the puff pastry crust is sculpted while the almond cream centre tempers the intense chocolate ganache flavours, punctuated by delicately tangy, almost fruity, notes. A galette whose appearance will leave a lasting impression as well as deliver an intensely rich and velvety tasting experience.


Dalloyau and Gemmyo: creative pastry chef meets original jeweller

Another great collaboration between two big French names. With its delicate blend of Valencia almond and pecan cream and Blida mandarin centre, the Miaou feline galette for 6-8 people combines the art of giving with delicious flavours. Blida mandarins are a highly scented, delicate citrus fruit produced in South-west France by grower Michel Baches. Not to mention the addition of two small ears and a pair of whiskers. And in an original touch, both the feve created by young jewellery company Gemmyo, and Dalloyau’s 2018 galette design, echo the stripped back appeal of the unmistakeable Miaou ring. Hidden in 10 galettes, 10 winning feves will award the lucky recipients with a coveted Miaou ring worth 350€. To buy it, click here.


A galette with an ice-cream centre

Une galette glacée

Galette des rois 2018 : Une glace à Paris

Emmanuel Ryon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France* Glacier, together with pastry chef Olivier Menard, have created a galette with an all-butter puff pastry crust and ice-cream centre, topped with soft meringue and sugar-coated almonds. Top tip from the chef, this galette is best served warm and should be heated for 5 mins in an oven at 150°C. The almond ice-cream centre encased in an outer layer of crunchy meringue remains frozen. To see (and taste!) for yourself, pop into Une Glace à Paris, at 15, rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, and also 44, rue des Abbesses (18th arrondissement).


The Kings’ crown by Cyril Lignac

Gateau des rois - Cyril Lignac

Talented chef Cyril Lignac, in collaboration with Benoit Couvrand, offers a new twist on a classic brioche ring pastry dessert from southern France, known as a Royaume in Montpellier. This particular brioche is scented with orange blossom and decorated with pistachios, candied fruit and orange peel. Find it here.


The Queen’s crown by Café Pouchkine

Resembling a beautifully sculpted flower, Nina Metayer’s galette des rois takes the form of a Queen’s crown with its decidedly feminine appeal. The almond paste centre reveals a hint of cinnamon and delicately tangy apple notes, while golden leaves embellish the buttery pastry crust.


Meilleur Ouvrier de France* – a highly coveted designation awarded by the French government recognising the highest level of expertise in over 100 disciplines, in this case the art of ice-cream.

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