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29-01-2018 Raclette et vin blanc
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Ski wines ? These are the kind of wines perfect to enjoy while winding down after a long day on the snowy pistes.  And the time is definitely ripe!


“Legendaire” wine from Auvergne

Vin rouge charcuterie et fromage

Red wine and cheese

Legendaire” from Cotes d’Auvergne is one of the best-kept secrets of the Auvergne wine region. Left to quietly rest for six months in the region’s cool, damp cheese cellars at 1,200m above sea level, the low atmospheric pressure and ideal humidity create optimum ageing conditions for the wine. Both white wine (Chardonnay) and red (Pinot Noir and Gamay) are produced, which work well with typical local Auvergne dishes such as “potee”, which is similar to a pot-au-feu.


Languedoc-Roussillon and Irouleguy from the Pyrenees

Sable de Camargue, Languedoc La Clape and Côtes du Roussillon red wines all go particularly well with one of the most popular dishes from the Pyrenees-Orientales region, « boles de Piccolat », delicious meatballs in a rich sauce. Irouleguy from the Basque region is the one to choose to accompany cassoulet.


Savoie wines: a welcome foil to filling dishes

Wines from Savoie are lively and light which kick-start the tastebuds, whose aromas need to be sufficiently intense, to avoid playing second fiddle to the cheese. Here are our recommendations for each typical dish:


Fondue savoyarde et vin blanc

Fondue savoyarde and white wine

    • Fondue : Fondue « Savoyarde », made with Beaufort, Comté, Gruyère or Emmental cheese, calls for a dry white wine such as Apremont.  The wine’s lively character acts as a welcome foil to the rich cheesy character of the dish, and is fresh and sprightly.

    • Tartiflette : Reblochon cheese, bacon, onions and potatoes make tartiflette a hearty dish crying out for the kind of wine capable of standing up to the rich flavours, and Chignon – a white wine with zesty, apricot aromas and full of character – is just the ticket. It’s longer and fuller than other wines from the Savoie region.

    • Raclette : Mondeuse or Roussette wines are an ideal match, depending on whether you are a fan of red or white wine. Roussette, with its hazelnut aromas, is an unusual, lively and fresh white wine. It balances the richness of the Raclette while complementing the charcuterie. Mondeuse, arguably the most famous grape variety in Savoie, goes particularly well with ham and sausage.


Jura wines: perfect with Mont d’Or and Cancoillotte

Wines from the Jura go particularly well with local cheeses, including Vacherin from Haut-Doubs (Mont d’Or) and runny Cancoillotte. Cotes du Jura Chardonnay is a white wine full of character, yet sufficiently mellow not to overpower the delicate flavours of the cheese.  Revealing aromas of hazelnut, dried mushroom and almonds, it makes a perfect match to the Vacherin. Red wine lovers may prefer the spicy notes of Poulsard wine or even Trousseau, with its typical candied cherry scented character.


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