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“Would you like to be a French chef for some seconds? Know all the trends? You are at the good place. We went to the trendiest events of French recipes and we have done some documentaries and interviews so that you always have one step ahead. Discover on this page all of the French events but also French traditions”

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French Food Tech: the same flavour, with an extra helping of innovation

The French Food Tech was present at the last SIAL, discover with us some French innovations that favor the taste !

Matatie, a range of snack for children : https://matatie.com/

The Popote Company, ludo-nutrition : https://www.lapopotecompagnie.com/

Cocasse, vegetable tablets : https://www.cocasse-food.fr/

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Made in France
Made for You

France is Europe’s largest agricultural nation and a world leader for exports of agricultural and agrifood products. Its key advantages: regional diversity, a rich wealth of production, product quality, food safety, research and innovation, industrial and technological power, a high-performance agricultural and agrifood education system, among others. France produces food for the entire world that is safe, healthy, sustainable and delicious. France also shares its know-how in the areas of training, expertise and technical and scientific cooperation. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food, working with the agricultural interbranch organisations, has made a film to promote France’s key advantages in the agricultural and agrifood domain. Products and know-how to meet the needs of all: “Made in France – Made for You”.

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Discover the new trends in pastry!

Foie gras macaron, low glycemic index desserts, readymade cake mixes ... Find out what the pastry chefs are all about this year!

Taste of Paris : Gourmet Food Festival

Taste of Paris is 4 days of feasting and 23 chefs serving up delicious bite-size samples to 30,000 visitors in the sumptuous setting of the capital’s Grand Palais.

La Ferme Digitale: France leads the way in innovation with Digital Farm

La Ferme Digitale: France leads the way in innovation with Digital Farm


In 2016, at the International Agricultural Show in Paris, we discovered La Ferme Digitale, France’s answer to digital farming, aka “Digital Farm”. This year, even more innovative and more connected, La Ferme Digitale is a showcase for 30 agricultural start-ups. For all the world to see.


A little throwback to 2016 edition of the International Agricultural Show.

The Cheese and Dairy show shines a spotlight on Unusual pairings

The Cheese and Dairy show shines a spotlight on Unusual pairings


 France’s foremost Cheese and Dairy show, now in its 15th year, has revolutionised cheese tastings with accompaniments including beer, sake and honey. There’s plenty of surprises in store…

To learn more about the show : visit the website.

Salon du Chocolat : the cream of French know-how

Salon du Chocolat 2017 : the cream of French know-how


With 130,000 anticipated visitors, it goes without saying that the Salon du Chocolat has a firm following!

Now in its 23rd year, it is attracting the crème de la crème of the world of chocolate. And a whole wave of new visitors too.

Franceagroalimentaire.com introduce you to some of them.

Marie Etchepare, has founded Le petit Carré de Chocolat with her master chocolatier father.

Le Chocolat des Français, represented by Matthieu Escande and his 2 partners, which is becoming increasingly popular abroad through the website and Instagram.

And then, Jean-Pierre Rodrigues and Choco², a chocolate in the shape of a cube that Japanese love.

With 500 visitors from 60 countries, including 200 leading lights of gastronomy, the salon attracts some serious food lovers and is certainly an amazing environment to showcase chocolate savoir-faire and to develop exports.

Rendez-vous gourmand - French food experience at Disneyland Paris

Rendez-vous gourmand: French food experience to spoil Disneyland Paris visitors

Disneyland Paris showcases French regional products - A rendez-vous gourmand much appreciated !

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Mickey Mouse is treating visitors to the finest of French foods. From September 8 to 24, 2017, 6 chalets were set up rue de Paris, near Ratatouille Square where Rémy, the rat from the famous and eponymous film dreamed of becoming a chef.

An event that highlights the specialties and wines of French regions, not to be missed for gourmands as for lovers of French gastronomy ! Charcuterie from Corsica, wines from the Bordeaux region and Bourgogne, foie gras, choucroute from Alsace. There’s something for everyone, from aperitif to dessert.

In order to encourage the tasting and the discovery of flavors, the portions served were small. The visitors also had the possibility to leave with specialties to take away. Ideal to have fun or to offer !

For this year, the event is over but Rendez-Vous Gourmand will return to the park soon.


Bon Appétit !