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The Lemon of Menton - PGI IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication)

The lemon industry in Menton has gradually acquired an internationally-recognised reputation thanks to its lemon festival.

The Lemon of Menton granted the extremely rare IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication).

Charles Heidsieck Champagne house Exports are part of our DNA

Meeting with Cyril Brun, the cellar master of the Champagne house Charles Heidsieck:


This is quite possibly a legendary year, the kind we only see every 20 – 30 years and also with Stephen Leroux, champagnes Director CharlesHeidsieck detailing champagnes markets of the House.

Arcachon bay Oysters The inland sea on the Atlantic Coast situated 70 km from Bordeaux

Arcachon bay is France’s leading oyster farming area. Oysters are produced here all year round, but the Christmas period is a particularly busy one.


Every year oysters are on French tables for Holidays but we can also enjoy it in Oysters bars all over France.

Pancake day It’s an age-old tradition

February 2nd is Candlemas and in France it’s also Pancake Day.


Sweet or savoury, nowadays there are all sorts of recipes and concoctions – something for everyone. 


Discover how French serve their crepes during Candlemas

Yellow wine from France's Jura Region The opening of the yellow wine

Yellow wine from France's Jura Region


Opening of the yellow wine ('La percée du vin jaune') is one of France’s most important wine festivals and is held every year during the first weekend of February. Newcomers and amateurs of this legendary and unique golden wine from France’s Jura region gather to celebrate and taste the new vintage.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

The Corsica clementine In early 2012, the producers are going to apply for a “Label Rouge” certification.

The island of Corsica is the only area of France where clementines are grown, and growers are keen on stressing the product’s uniqueness.


In 2007, the Corsica clementine was given the Protected Geographical Indication or PGI status, and in early 2012, the producers are going to apply for a “Label Rouge” certification.

Digital farming change the outlook of french agriculture How will Digital Farming change the outlook of French agriculture?

For the first time at the Paris International Agricultural Show in 2016,The Digital Farm” presented on its educational and interactive booth, the various digital innovations for agriculture.


Cooking with flowers

How to cook edible flowers ?

  Cooking with flowers is an original idea !

Wildflowers also have an immense palette of flavors. In her lastest book, Linda Louis teaches us how to pick up plants and cook them. Read her blog !

Cooking with french butter Fench butter

Cooking with french butter


These professionals strive to value french butter by showing that it is not only a basic product. Butter is not a product that weighs down the kitchen. As Ivan Vautier maintains, everything depends on the dosage. It is also about the cooking power. The french butter is a cultural heritage, one of the pillars of French gastronomy that must be maintained.


Find the testimonies of artisan butter makers and chefs in the documentary :

The company of Jean-Yves Bordier in Noyal-sur-Vilaine near Rennes is one of the last to work its butter in a traditional way. French chefs are fond of it. Just like foreigners, since the Bordier butter is exported abroad (Hong Kong, Singapore, ...). Find their products on their website.

In Caen, Ivan Vautier, one of the best chefs of Normandy, sublimates the Norman butter in the hotel-restaurant that wears his name in Caen. He cooks different kinds of butters.


Did you know ? The French consume on average 7kgs of butter a year! To learn more, click here.

The salt marsh lamb of Normandy Salt marsh lamb

The salt marsh lamb of Normandy


The salt meadow lambs of the Somme grazing areas regularly covered by the sea, so vegetationloaded in salt, on the coast of the English Channel, which gives the meat a special taste.

The first french apricots

France boasts some thirty different types of apricot.

Depending on the variety, french apricots are harvested between the end of May and mid-August. Each region produces a different variety, particular to the climate, from the Rhône-Alpes to the Pyrénées Orientales and the Languedoc Roussillon region.